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I bought an iPhone 4 from Movistar last month, and for some problems with this company I decided to move my line to Telcel (who has service for iPhones too), when I called to Movistar they told me that they can't help me to unlock my phone because they doesn't have any information to do that movement, also they told me that I needed to call to Apple directly.

I called 4 days ago to apple and the agent told me that I need to send an email to iTunes support. I did it that way, but today support told me that they only attends to problems with iTunes store and they suggest me to post a topic here.

What I want to do is to put my Micro-SIM into my iPhone, but when I do that, iTunes gets me an error that The SIM is not compatible.

I bought a SIM for iPhone 4 and the phone is mine (I'm not in a forced plan).

Do you have any idea of what can I do?

thank you for your time.

iPhone 4 A1332, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    All iPhones sold in Mexico are sold as carrier locked and none of the Mexican carriers offer unlocking. Only Movistar can authorize the unlocking of your iPhone, but they do not offer unlocking. So, if you want to use an iPhone with Telcel, you need to sell your phone & purchase one locked to Telcel or travel somewhere where officially unlocked iPhones are sold(Canada, as an example) & purchase one there. However, your warranty & support would only be valid in Canada, if you did that.
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    You're wrong about the warranty being only valid in Canada, Apple products can be serviced anywhere in the world, it doesn't where they are bought.


    In response to the OP the only thing I can advice for you to do is to Google search "iphone unlock", see what you get, there are ways for you to do it without having to sell it and buy it unlocked at a steep price. However, if you are willing to do that then (I believe you are in Mexico because of the carriers you talk about) you should go the Apple online store in Mexico and buy it unlocked from there.

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    "You're wrong about the warranty being only valid in Canada, Apple products can be serviced anywhere in the world, it doesn't where they are bought."


    No, you are wrong.  Unlike other Apple products that are not locked, iphones do indeed have a warranty that is good in the country of original purchases ONLY.  There are very, very few exceptions to this.



    ONLY the company to which the iphone is locked can unlock it ( legally/legitimately) and not all providers provide this service.

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    The exceptions are unlocked iPhones, in this case an unlocked iPhone bought in Canada could have warranty in Mexico where Apple sells unlocked iPhones.