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When I log into mac mail on my apple computer, mac mail does a good job sending junk mail to the "junk" folder. How can I prevent this from being forwarded to my iphone? Every junk email I get goes to my iPhone4 email's inbox. How can I prevent this? Thanks.

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    You would have to have a filter on your mail server.

    Mail is not forwarded to your iphone, it retrieves it from the server just as your Mac does. Since the iphone has no spam filter, then you would need to filter from your mail server.
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    How would I do this on me.com?
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    Open mobileme mail on safari and see what the options are.
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    I would like to create a rule in Mail on my Macbook that forwards mail that it receives from my main POP mail account that it determines is "not junk" to my new me.com account, so that I can in effect use the me.com account on my iphone to review my legit mail without having to deal on the phone with the massive amount of junk that the POP account gets. I am aware that I would first need to download all mail to my laptop first before it would be sent to the me.com account and subsequently the iPhone, and that would work for me. In Mail's rules I see a "if junk" qualifier, but no "if not junk". Any suggestions? None of this would be necessary for me if Mail on the iPhone had a "delete all" or "delete multiple"...
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    If you would need a delete all for all messages received by your POP account and it receives what you call a "massive" amount of spam, why do you want to continue accessing the account in the first place? It may be time to give this account up. If you are receiving that much spam with your POP account, your POP account has been severely compromised in regards to spammers. Once the cat is that far out of the bag, there is no getting it back. Once an email address has been placed on a "known good" list with a spammer and has been that compromised receiving a massive amount of spam, it is way too late. Spammers trade/sell "known good" email address lists. Placed on a "known good" list can occur when any HTML is rendered from a remote server with received spam and when selecting any links included with received spam. I use a free email account such as Yahoo with webmail access only when making an online purchase that requires an email address or when an email address is required for website access, or when provided publicly in any fashion that can be more easily compromised, and my main email account is used to exchange email with family and friends only. I receive very little spam with my main email account.

    There is an option to select multiple emails for deletion at once, but I would seriously consider making the switch to another email account to be your primary account such as with your MobileMe account or with a free Gmail account. Google has an excellent spam filter at the server, and Apple's spam filter at the server has also improved. You could also use the junk mail filter with the Mail.app on your Mac as the junk mail filter for the account with your iPhone without any Mail.app rules by leaving the Mail.app on your Mac launched and running actively checking the account for new messages while your iPhone is doing the same. Since all server stored mailboxes with an IMAP account are kept synchronized with the server automatically with each email client used to access the account, the Mail.app's junk mail filter can be doing the same for the account on your iPhone remotely.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have other email addresses for other purposes (business, etc...), but this has been my main personal account for eight years, and I want to continue to use it for reasons that would take too long to go into here. Truth be told I have no problems with this account on my Macbook. Mail has done a fine job of learning the junk addresses, and it's only one or two a month that get through to my inbox, if that many. If I can simply write a rule that forwards "not junk" to my me.com account I'll be a happy dialed-in camper. Anyone have any idea on how to do this?