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I have a Toyota Camry with the JBL sound system with mp3 music playback capability from a FAT32-formatted USB flash drive. I write mp3 music files to the flash drive by dragging them from my iTunes library. When mp3 files are read from a USB flash drive, the playback order is random since the FAT32 file system reads in the order that the files were written not in alphabetical order or track number order. I have placed the files for each album in a separate folders and both the folders and the files within the folders appear in the order they were written when viewed on the car's audio system. And this is random! I would like to see the album folders in alphabetical order and the song files within the folders in track order as on a CD to make finding songs easier.

There are Windows utilities that apparently can sort the files alphabetically and write them to the flash drive so they will be read in order by an mp3 player. (i.e., FAT Sorter, ReOrganize, DriveSort, FATSort, FATSort Utility)

Are there any utilities for the Mac to write to a FAT32 USB flash drive to write the files in alphabetical or track order?

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