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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone could help me with this - I'd be incredibly grateful!

I've got an iPhone 4 (32GB) and I ended up taking so many photos and videos that they were taking up over 16gig in total (I have well over 3,000 including lots of videos).

Anyhow, they were only on the camera roll, I hadnt synced any photos through folders etc., literally just had my camera roll. Anyhow, I have deleted all of these photos but for some reason they are still being recognised as taking up over 16 gig of space on the storage bar when I connect it to itunes. I've also gone into 'settings' and 'about' and whilst its acknowledging that the photos arent there in numbers, its still saying I have only 9gig left which is ridiculous as I only have like 12 songs on there!

Any suggestions on what to do - I've tried doing a restore from backup, a soft reset etc. etc. I really don't want to do a factor reset as I will lose all my notes etc which would really irritate me.