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I need help with the FCE "Levels" Video Filter - I cannot find any documentation anywhere which explains precisely what this filter does and how to use it properly (Googling 'levels "input tolerance" "final cut express"' yields no results!!).

There are five sliders (Input, Input Tolerance, Gamma, Output and Output Tolerance) but playing with them, it's not obvious what they do or how they compare with the Photoshop "Levels" filter for still images.

In particular, I would like to map settings on a Photoshop "Levels" filter to settings on an FCE "Levels" Filter to achieve the exact same results in terms of adjusting the underlying images.

If this can't be done exactly, does anyone know of an FCE Filter which replicates the Photoshop Levels Filter.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

G5 Desktop PPC 1.6 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.8)