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I'm using smart albums to sort the status of my photos according to the degree of processing they've been through. One smart album shows the untouched images, another one shows the "ready to print" images and so on. It means every project in my gallery must have the same smart album structure. Is there a way to copy all the smart album in a project and paste them in another project without their content. What I want to do is to be able to create only once, all the smart albums I need to sort my images in a project, and then copy all those smart albums with their search criteria and paste them in another project. The newly pasted smart albums would then be showing the pictures of that project with the search criteria created in an other project. Hope it's not to confusing. Let's say I have a smart album that shows all the 5 stars images in project A, I want to be able to copy this smart album and paste it in project B so it will then show all the 5 stars images of project B only. This way I won't have to create new smart albums for all my projects.

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    Hello Serge,

    If you already have all your projects, and they are awaiting smart albums, it might be tedious. If you are preparing for this possibility, it's a bit easier.

    Easy first. Make a template project and make your smart albums in that project. (If you already have a project that has the smart albums you want, you can use that as the template.) Then right click the project and select "Duplicate Project Structure." That will make a new project with your desired smart albums. Use that project to import your pictures for the new shoot.

    If you already have a bunch of projects and you would like the same smart albums in each of those projects, first make the smart albums in one project. Then, for each smart album, right-click and select "Duplicate Smart Album". When you are all done, move those duplicates to your other project (the ones that doesn't have your smart albums). Click the Magnifying glass icon for each smart album in the "new" project. In the "Source", you should see "Library", and then both the project from which you copied it, and the project to which you copied it (in which you are currently looking). The from project should be selected. Click on the "to" project and your smart album then has the criteria of the "from" project, but applied to the "to" project.

    Hope that makes sense!

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    Works like a charm. Thank you for the quick reply.