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I am thinking about getting a 17in MacBook Pro (2.66 or 2.8 GHz), specifically for playing World of Warcraft (WoW). Was wanting to know if anyone else plays, specifically WoW, on a MacBook Pro and if its capable of running the game better than my PCDesktop does now? Thanks for any input!

Dell XPS, Windows Vista, 64bit Vista, Intel Core2 3.16GHz, Nvidia GF 9800GT
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    I play WoW on a normal macbook with a core 2 duo and it runs very well. If you need the portability go with the Macbook Pro but if you don't get an iMac. I play on the 27 inch LED Cinema display and it really enhances both the game and everything else I do on my computer.
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    I am playing it on my Macbook Pro 17" from early 2009 (2,66 Ghz with the 9400GT and 9600GT videocard) and it runs great (windowed mode 1920x1200). Settings are medium, but I think it would do higher. It does drain the battery however, so you probably want to keep the powercord plugged in. Also it tends to get hot playing WoW. Other than that, no problems.