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I dont know how many games I have spent months on trying to beat, only to get a new iphone and when I do the backup & restore I lose everything. Does apple not have a way to save you game data at all? Because I have multiple devices I want game data from each one...but it seems like you cant do that can you?

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    App data is stored in only two places: 1. On the device(iPhone, iPad, iPod) and 2. In the device backup. If you purchase a new iPhone, the first time you connect it to iTunes you will be given the option of restoring from backup or setting up as a new device. If you want to preserve your saved game data on your new phone, you must restore from the most recent backup of your previous phone or touch. You follow this by syncing your iTunes content to your new phone.
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    That's a lousy solution. I think apple and/or game developers need to find a new way to do things.

    I recently had a firmware error and had to restore my phone. I had to set it up as a NEW phone however. If I used my back-up data I would have re-installed the corrupted firmware. Goodbye progress on nearly 30 games.

    I think all games should have their data saved in a single location on my phone, one that I can access and make copies of. Just like exporting an address book or something like that. Yes my contacts are on my phone as well as my hard drive, but I exported a text file of them too that is saved in two other places. It could be part of GameCenter.
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    I had to restore my iphone as new tonight and also lost all the data on games which I had actually spent money on to advance in. I am not happy. I also lost all my notes I had written into the iphone. I did a sync back up and also saved my backup file in a separate location on my pc before restoring my iphone. In case i needed to access the file again but it did not work. I took the old backup file and replaced the new one with it in my itunes folders on my comp. That apparently did not work. Thought I could be sneaky.

    Seems like a complete useless waste to backup if the information you need is not there anyway when you need it. All I saved was the app that I could have downloaded again anyway and my contacts. Woopee...