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In the last week, my iPhone 4 has started to slow down. I see this when I enter a phone number where the first few digits will enter at normal speed (e.g. 555) but the last digits will take a few seconds to react (e.g. 1212). I also notice then when calling into an IVR to enter a credit card number, for example, the first 6 or 8 digits will enter as I type them but the remaining digits will be delayed. This slowness also appears on Angry Birds when you launch a bird it will take off, freeze for a split second, then continue its flight?

I have restored my iPhone 4 from iTunes twice and the problem persists. What is going on here? Is there a new bug lingering out there?

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    It sounds like it may be a bug as mine has been experiencing the same. Its not ultra slow but its noticable. Mines sent of for the repair and replace service so will see when i get the replacement if it changes at all
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    after you backed up and restarted the phone, did it start to behave slow right away or this started to happen after some time, like a day or so?

    If it did not behave slow right after restart, then perhaps the problem may be you have too many applications open. Try closing some of them.
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    After reading some other threads, I learned there are 2 ways to do a restore. I was doing restores from backups of my iPhone 4 which was probably restoring whatever problem I had back on the device.

    This last time, I restored my iPhone 4 as a "New iPhone" and then restored the apps. Everything is back to normal. The response time of apps is fast again, the battery life is back to normal, it runs cooler, and works like new.
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    "This slowness also appears on Angry Birds when you launch a bird it will take off, freeze for a split second, then continue its flight?"

    All of a sudden I am getting this problem with Angry Birds as well. None of my other apps is acting this way, just Angry Birds. And it happens intermittently during play, not just when a bird is launched.
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    Same here.
    Angry Birds really shows-off the lag/slowness. It's almost unplayable (or, at least, unenjoyable) But, I have noticed lag when scrolling through my app screens. It's like you swipe your finger across the screen, and the apps scroll a second later. A very noticeable lag.
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    Try deleting your email account, then restart your phone, then re-add your email account.  This worked for me.

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    had same pronlem in my iphone4. After deleting the gmail sync account, problem resolved. Thanks for the tip prs117.

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    the same thing happened to me, i restored my phone from an ipod touch backup and i noticed sluggish response when clicking apps or opening settings. restoring my device as a new phone sped this up significantly.

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    Honestly I find restoring my iPhone without restoring my backup rather pointless, lot of people have preblems with lag especially with the camera and now because Apple has a flaw that lets some users old settings not work with their new OS I have to reset my phone and lose all my photos since apple wont allow me to simply copy that back now will it...