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I just reinstalled os x because I could not figure out how to fix all the problems I had.
Regular backup have been made to TC over the past year.

Now I want to access it and get my photos + itunes files.

Using migration assistant it just says connecting- it does not continue. Tried wired and wireless.

Is it possible to SSH to the timecapsule and then get hold of the files?

Any ideas would be most appreciated.

MBPro 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Changed the password on the TC to prevent other computers from connecting. This got me past the not connecting issue.
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    Hi Thorsan,

    I'm having the same issue now. I had to replace the hard disc in my MacBook and have a years worth of files on my Time Capsule (stored via Time Machine).

    When I run Migration Assistant it gets stuck on 'connecting' on the 'Select Your Disc' page. I tried changing the password but it still doesn't work. Just wondered if you could advise me how you are connecting.

    Extended/new wifi network/wireless disabled??


    (I called Apple Support and they were pretty much useless)