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I used to be able to pair two notebooks to my iphone when tethering. (not at the same time, but separately.) They both used to show up in the Iphones memory of bluetooth devices and allow me to connect whichwever I wanted.
But now I cant do this any more. I can connect one notebook after Ive paired it, but then the other wont connect. If I then re-pair the second notebook, the first one wont connect. What has happened? Im sure you the iphone used to keep the memory of all the devices and pair to whichever one asked for the connection.
Has Apple changed the Iphone settings so only one device can pair now? There was a recent Phone settings update and this change seems to have happened after that.
anyone else had this problem? Any solutions?

HP laptop, Windows 7
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    ill answer my own question. I tried another bluetooth dongle and was able to connect again from two separate notebooks without pairing each time. I think the problem was each notebook had the same make of bluetooth dongle plugged in and for whatever reason it would only accept one pairing of that dongle type at a time. Perhaps the dongles had the same address or something. I dont know. Anyway it looks as though just changing a dongle so there is a different one in each computer will sort this. You can sleep soundly again now.