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Got a new 32gb IPad with wifi and 3g about a week and a half ago. At the same time, purchased an airport extreme. Whenever I try to play streaming video using WiFi on Netflix, ABC Player, or YouTube, one of three things happen: The video starts to play then the picture freezes (Netflix ABC Player), the video starts to play and then stops and buffers for an extended period of time never to come up again (U Tube), or the video plays with fuzzy images and a great deal of pixalation (NetFlix ABC Player). Its as if I'm looking at a whole screen full of squares. Called Apple and they thought it was a problem with the Airport Extreme so they sent me a replacement. Everything seemed to work for a day or two, then the same thing began happening. Now they are sending me a replacement IPad. Everything else on the IPad works great...including videos I've purchased through ITunes and that are stored and not streaming. Tried 3G to see if maybe the problem was exclusive to WiFi, but with 3G the problem was even worse. On The Airport Utility, under Network Options, also tried changing the multicast rate from low to medium to high, but this doesn't help. Video streams fine on my MAC with the Airport. Anyone having the same problem?

imac 7.1, iOS 4, ipad with wifi and 3g 32gb