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Hi i am new to the Mac OS X platform having recently converted from XP. I have been reading around and getting familiar with the Mac and have recently been looking into keychain from a security perspective. On XP i used eWallet to hold sensitive data and from what i can gather it seems as though Keychain is a little similiar i.e allowing me to encrypt sensitive data. I have a few questions i would appreciate any advice on based on others experience/knowledge -

1. What info do you store in Keychain ? Passwords ? Bank Accounts/Pins ? Social Security No ? etc etc.
2. When i run a backup which currently backs up my home dir what file(s) do i need to backup for my keychain ?
3. Where can i find detailed documentation ?
4. If i wanted to store my Keychain on a USB key how do i do this ? Do i simply copy the Keychain file to my USB key ? I assume i can open this Keychain from another Mac but what about from a PC ?
5. When a keychain is open does that mean anyone can read it ? I assume the keychain file is always encrpyted ?

Any assistance much appreciated.


iMac G5 20, Mac OS X (10.4.3)