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Variations of this have already been posted but when I described my particular issues to Apple support the advice was roll back to 10.6.4!

I have 3 Macs, and this only appears to be affecting my MBP 13". Updating to 10.6.5 causes:

- ethernet to stop working; it shows as connected and shows correct IP but there is no acccess to web, offsite ping, or email. Reboots very occasionally get it to work but when changing any aspect of network config (eg switching on wireless or changing location) it fails again. Booting with ethernet cable plugged in usually results in the spinning beachball.

- wireless works reasonably, but any change to config causes loss of network as described above. VPN under wireless becomes very temperamental

- when the network fails, finder also crashes and restarting it only gets it going for less than a minute before it crashes out again.

- waking from sleep also appears to cause the network problems

I can replicate the problems easily; works fine up to 10.6.4 but as soon as a later upgrade is applied then it fails. To clear the problem I only have to reinstall the OS over the existing installation, I don't have to do a clean install. The problems occur on both my home network and my work network

I'm afraid that I can't get any logs from the failure because that would mean me breaking it and having to reinstall. I'm currently waiting for the next upgrade but wonder if anyone else has seen this - any thoughts/pointers welcome!


MBP 13", MB 13", i-Mac, Mac OS X (10.6.6)