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I've only had my new iMac for a few days and although it was bought used, it's been extremely well looked after, and things were great until just now when the screen went completely white rendering the mouse useless and forcing me to disconnect the power lead and start up again. Should I be alarmed or is there a simple explanation and a reliable cure to hand?

iMac G4, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 2.8GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo + 2GB 800MHZ DDR2 SDRAM
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    Has this happened more than once? If it has then yes it could have a problem, however it's tough at this point to say what it is. Used systems can be tough because we don't have any idea what version of OS X you're running, in what state the computer came to you etc. You can do some basic trouble shooting but first please provide more info such as:

    1. Did the computer come with the original install discs and all original media for software the seller included, if not that's not good at all!
    2. What version of OS X is it running?
    3. What trouble shooting you have tried?
    4. Did you make any changes right before the system had the issue?

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    Hi Roger

    The computer came with an OSX Snow Leopard upgrade disc only, although the seller lives less than 30 miles from me so I could contact him for the original media you mentioned. From reading the box I would say OSX 10.6.3 and I've done nothing as yet regards the occurrence. My daughter was fiddling about with a USB connected printer at that moment but would that cause such a thing to happen?
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    OK thanks for the information. It's possible connecting the printer caused the error however that would be unusual. If it happens again repost and then you can do some trouble shooting.

    I'd also recommend contacting the seller and see if he can provide the original discs, they're of no value to him but can be very useful to you. If he doesn't have them you will need to contact Apple to get a replacement set, they will ship them to you for a nominal cost. You need them because they have Apple Hardware Test on the Install Disc and that is the only way of getting that tool. AHT is useful for troubleshooting hardware. In addition one of the original discs has iLife on it so if you ever needed to re-install those apps you can't unless you have the DVD or purchase an iLife upgrade which you can now do via the App Store on 10.6.6 and later.
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    Good point, I'll contact him now and arrange for them to be posted on (assuming he still has them). If it does happen again I'll re-post here as suggested...

    Many Thanks for your assistance Roger.
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    Your welcome and thanks for the stars.
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    Have just had the same thing happen to me, was on face book playing a live backgammon game when the colour started fading from the screen, in about 10 seconds it was all white, but could still hear the roll of the dice from the backgammon game. No visible mouse, had to turn machine of at power and start up again. Started up fine....... My Imac is about 6 years old. Has your problem returned.
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    In my original situation, it turned out that rolling back the kernel drivers solved my problem, until now. where I'm getting the white screen again...I suspect it my well be the same cause as my iMac obviously gets regular updates.

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    I have 24 inch iMac and I get either an almost black screen/white screen or sometimes a green and white vertical pinstriped screen. This happens suddenly with no warning & I have to hold the start button in to shut down. It then starts up fine with apparently no harm done. It is very annoying but I need to know why my Apple is doing this. Computer is around 2-3 years old and now running 10.6.8. I had to buy this as when I inherited the machine know one knew where the OS software was.


    Does anyone rate Genius bar - can they determine what the prob is? I took a G5 tower in as it wouldn't start but they were unable to help - local PC shop sorted it charging me £100 - realised later it needed a new battery (£7) so you can't rely on anyone out there I'm afraid!


    I will need a new iMac 27 inch anytime soon but am loath to give anyone currently selling machines the money!