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Giles Level 4 Level 4
I just get a message that says "click to rate". Well I have tapped on 5 starts or whatever but it still gives the message. ??!!!

So I emailed myself the review and posted the it via iTunes!
  • CWatsonJr Level 1 Level 1
    This happened to me while using two separate iTunes accounts. The app I wanted to review was downloaded from one account and my iPhone was logged into my other account.

    As soon as I logged out of my current account and logged into the account I downloaded the app from, I was able to leave a review. After I wrote the review I logged back into my current account.
  • Giles Level 4 Level 4
    Thanks for the suggestion but I don't think that can have been the problem because I downloaded the app and literally a few minutes later tried to write the (positive!) review, all while logged in using the same iTunes account.
  • Giles Level 4 Level 4
    Because I have a mobileme account I do actually have a 2nd iTunes account, maybe somehow that confused things somewhere? I don't really see how though, I've never logged into iTunes with that account.