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trikki69 Level 1 (0 points)
Hi, as per title really.
Does anyone know if iTunes will automatically convert FLAC to M4A.


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  • ed2345 Level 7 (22,803 points)
    trikki69 wrote:
    Hi, as per title really.
    Does anyone know if iTunes will automatically convert FLAC to M4A.



    iTunes does not do anything at all with FLAC files. You can use a 3rd party program such as Switch to convert them to an iTunes compatible format such as AAC (M4A).

    After you convert, add the resulting files to your iTunes library. You can either keep or discard the original FLAC files, depending whether you might need them for other (non-iTunes) purposes.

    There are plug-ins that allow iTunes to play FLAC, but they have limitations, and you cannot sync the tracks to an iPod.

  • John Lockwood Level 5 (7,691 points)
    trikki69 wrote:
    Hi, as per title really.
    Does anyone know if iTunes will automatically convert FLAC to M4A.

    iTunes itself does not support FLAC and so it cannot (itself) convert FLAC files. There is a way to get FLAC files in to iTunes on a Mac but not on Windows.

    Your best bet is to convert the files from FLAC to Apple Lossless format which is identical in quality to the FLAC files (and a similar file size). Unfortunately Switch (for Windows) does not seem to support Apple Lossless, however there are other utilities out there e.g. dbPowerAmp and also have a look at

    If you can get access to a Mac then it will be easier and more reliable to convert the FLAC to Apple Lossless format using either Max or X Lossless Decoder from

    I have seen dbPowerAmp produced Apple Lossless files be rejected by iTunes in the past.
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    Utterly lame. Itunes should support FLAC - I mean how hard could it possibly be?
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    you can use the program MAX-(  its very user friendly, free and is a great program.  you can convert to apple lossless.  the only problem i have is when the files come with cue sheet (queue) it will import without any labels

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    i use two programs when i use a converter  program on my computer it is free audio converter be aware it only converts to one lossless format besides and that format is wav because wav has not metadata you will you have to get the track numbers and add puncuation, removes the numbers infront of the track numbersand maybe get album name but a soon as you do that you go to edit then prefrences then import settings the click apple lossless or aac (you could also convert the files to aac within free audio converter so this is mostly for apple lossless) once you do that high light the songs then press create apple lossless version then delete all the wav files. there will be no loss in quality in this conversion because they are both lossless. if you want to convert with a program that converts very easy and converts it straight to apple lossless with no loss of track names get dbpoweramp. be aware this program cost money but is very easy to use and you can even rip cds in many formats. the link to free audio converter is


    the link to db power amp is

  • Dabeast12347 Level 1 (55 points)

    dbpoweramps always has work for me and it converts and rips very fast and al the files ive converted with it has been accepted by itunes

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    as per above db poweramp is my favourite. Note: DO NOT use Foxtab audio coverter for mp3s as it will only convert at 64 kbps

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    Dabeast12347, that free audio converter from cnet is the BEST! It's fast and easy to use!

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    If you are not command-line averse, I have put together a little iTunes for Windows automation script that converted all my FLAC library to Apple Lossless in a couple of hours.


    Beware that the current (as of Feb 2012) version has some limitations:


    • It is not capable of processing albums ripped of downloaded as a single FLAC file. You must split them into individual tracks before conversion.
    • The FLAC files that have any of the metatags ARTIST, ALBUM, and TITLE missing are skipped.
    • Tracks are always imported in Apple Lossless format.


    Do not hesitate to drop me a line if you run into a bug or need any of the above limitations addressed, or fork my script on GitHub if you are into IT yourself.

  • BraiNEateR Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Dmitry ,


    I am not tech savy, but I want to use your conversion method. Since I am 1/2 dumb, would you mind explaining what the heck I need to do?



  • Dmitry Leskov Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi BraiNEateR,


    I have recorded a screencast (Flash required to watch):



    Let me know if that helps.

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    Hi Dmitry,


    I try out your script and it work beautifull but it can not handle the file name with blank.


    Use flac.exe -d "name with blank" and it work .


    Try to put comment in your website and it wont let me keep ask me to inpout password .

    Any chance to improve "js" script - i look at it and did not understand it well with all parsing

  • Dmitry Leskov Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi louist1,


    I have fixed the comment issue in my blog theme - thanks for pointing me to the problem!


    However, I do not understand the issue you are having with the script, as it does put double quotes around all pathnames. In fact, almost all files I have converted had blanks in their pathnames. Can you please elaborate so that I could reproduce the issue?



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    You should let people know that the trial version will only convert 60% of the source file. Would like to know stuff like this before downloading software and installing it on my computer.

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