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hello i'm sorry if this is not the correct place but i would like to ask if someone knows if these two versions are incompatible.
i got snow leopard & ichat 5.0.3 but he 's got leopard with ichat 4.0.9
we both use google accounts to log into jabber
i got gmail he 's got googlemail which is the same
we can only use text chat
when we try to do video it gives an error message the same goes for voice chat
i cannot understand what am i missing .
any help would be appreciated
thank you in advance

2.16 intel core 2 duo imac5.1, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iBook G4 933 Panther not working but I'll fix it one day
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    1) iChat Insists that you enter your Google ID as it shows on your View of the Google Web Mail page. I.e one end will have usename@Gmail.com and the other username@googlemail.com

    2) Have you both Enabled the Talk option in your Google Account Settings ?

    3) What is the error message exactly ?
    You seem to imply you have done 1) I presume 2) also as you have got as far as a Buddy List and starting a Video Chat (And can Text chat)

    4) Have you opened the Ports iChat needs in your Router.
    As you are "Calling Out" to do the Login you are probably "opening" that Login port as you do so (most router/firewalls work this way)

    Use UPnP in your router if it has it.

    ||iChat Ports||TCP||UDP||
    |A/V|none|5678, 16393-16402|
    |Bonjour|5298|5297, 5298, 5353|
    |Jabber|5220,5222, 5223|none|

    Note this is the iChat 4 and 5 Range
    Add port 5060 UDP for iChat 2 and 3 and extend the group of 10 to 16384-16403 (20 ports)

    iChat 4 and 5 also uses an undeclared Random port to do the Screen Sharing part and works if you can and do use UPnP (Or Port Mapping Protocol) to open ports in your routing device.

    10:42 PM Monday; January 17, 2011

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    hi Ralph i 've just finished reading your answers to other users with similar issues & i checked the web pages you noted. thank you .
    i have done 1
    what i haven't done and i just did was to enable ichat to accept connections in the firewall advanced settings.
    i also haven't opened the ports 5220 5222 from my iChat account settings i only see the port 5223
    the Talk option is the download in this page http://www.google.com/talk/ ?
    cause we haven't tried to video chat from the igoogle page
    i cannot tell what the error message was i didn't read it
    do these open ports have to be closed after or they can remain opened ?
    thanks again
    i'll email my friend & let him know of these things but i can't tell when we'll work on it
    i hope the next days to have some results
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    Sorry about the size of this one
    My Account

    This is my view of My Account Setting at Google.
    The top is the personal Info stuff
    The Middle section is activated Add-on Services
    and the Bottom bit is services I could activate.

    As you see "Talk" is in the active section.

    The Jabber side Ports.
    Apple have several Documents on this.
    The Jabber ports were published for iChat 3 in this Article (See 6 on the way through the article and Note 1 at the bottom - don't worry too much about the rest of the document)

    You will notice this uses port 5060 (no longer used in iChat 4 or 5) and has a large group or 20 Ports (16384-16403) which is smaller in iChat 4 and 5 as listed in this second Article.
    This does point to the first article but does not say you need to go there fore the Jabber and Bonjour Ports (It only lists the changes to the A/V ports really)

    Now, just to confuse things the iChat Server in OS X Server is a Jabber Server.
    There is an Article about opening ports for that as well.
    The issue I have with this is that it List port 1080 but does not say what it is for and does not list port 5220.
    (Info elsewhere tells you that port 1080 is used for Jabber File Sending and the presumption has been that the iChat 3 info indicated port 5220 was for this).

    If you got this Pop Up:-

    Pic in ON this page http://www.ralphjohns.co.uk/page16a.html

    Then you will also have a record of that Message/Log in your Home Folder/Library/Logs/iChatConnectionErrors

    This Short Example is on the same page. It is colour coded. We Don't need the Blue bit. The Red titled bits are likely to hold a lot more info (Long(er) example)

    Firewall and Router functions
    Generally you will find they work like the Mac Firewall in that they Block (If not Open) Incoming Connections.
    You can generally "push" your way out through any firewall or router that does not have ports Opened.

    Depending how you open the ports they can have different actions.
    UPnP for example in many devices also lists a time of Non use when the ports will close again.

    Most other methods will keep the ports open.

    Hope this helps.

    9:40 PM Tuesday; January 18, 2011

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    hi, we managed to connect our google accounts by opening the nominated ports and we also set up some AOL accounts . thanks a lot bye.
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    Good to Hear.

    9:38 PM Friday; January 28, 2011

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    My friend and I are both on macbook running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and we are only able to text chat, but want to video chat. Does she have to be logged into ichat as well using her gmail account? Also, is the correct port "445" or "5223" for Snow Leopard. I have downloaded the software for GoogleTalk and I am able to video chat from within my gmail account. I would also like to chat with my parents and use the remote take over function to take control of their iMac to provide them with tech. support. I have no idea how to open ports on my router or modem. I have a modem from Time Warner cable and I am using a Linksys router. Please help. I didn't think this would be so complicated. It would be much easier if I could have my dad just set up a gmail account in order to chat w/ him and take over his computer from my apt. to help him.

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    For Video using Gmail (GoogleTalk IDs)
    Yes both people have to be using iChat.


    Google (Talk) is a Jabber server and the Web Browser Plug-in and the PC standalone App use a protocol called Jingle to Connect.

    iChat uses a Process called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

    The two are incompatible.



    Google's version of Jingle is not that compatible with other Jabber Applications versions either.


    The Port.
    The port can bee 443 or left at 5223 for a GoogleTalk Login in iChat.

    The GoogleTalk server accepts both  (This is pretty unusual for a Jabber server).


    The SIP bit, the sending of the visible part of the Invite and the Video or Audio chat itself are on different ports to the Login.

    iChat uses the same process and ports whether you are using a Google Talk Buddy List, another Jabber Buddy list or an AIM based login (AIM, @mac.com or MobleMe).


    Although you can have Jabber Buddies from Google, Facebook or another Jabber server in a Jabber (or GoogleTalk) Buddy List you cannot have AIM based name in that Buddy list.

    The same is true of a Buddy List that logs in to AIM. It can have a mixture of AIM, @mac.com and MobileMe but not Jabber based IDs including Google or Facebook ones.



    Tech Support/ Screen Sharing.

    Your parents would need a Mac, iChat account that is using the same service you do and to allow iChat through the router.



    These can be accessed in a Web Browser.

    Where  you would type Apple.com you type (In the URL space)

    This will bring up a password Dialogue box

    The User ID is normally admin (in lower case)

    The Password can be Blank (Just hit Enter) or it can also be admin depending on model.


    Once you have access go to the Admisntration tab

    In here, Enable UPnP.  (This will allow the apps on the computer to tell the router which ports to open)

    If you also have a tab called Security go there as well.

    If this lists a Firewall as the top item Disable it (it has features that get in iChat's way)

    Near the bottom is a line about Responding to Anonymous Requests.

    Thios needs to be set so that th router does Respond  (it's about responding to Pings and iChat sends a Ping during the Video or Audio Connection process.




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