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  • Menneisyys Level 4 (1,300 points)

    Indeed interesting. Unfortunately, there's no setting in Photon to enable the use of this keyboard for non-Flash-translated pages.


    You could write to the devs to enable it? Of course, it'll only work in Photon but if you navigate to a page with a huge input textarea, you could use it as a note-taker text editor, just pasting the edited text from there to your target app. (Another option is going for the already-mentioned, still free Arrow Note, of course.)


    Back to the subject: iOS does support cursor navigation Mac-like. Actually, the shortcuts (line begin/end, next/prev word etc.) on the Apple Wireless Keyboard work in exactly the same way when connected to an iDevice than with Macs.


    One can only hope Apple do implement something like the one at , originally mentioned by Apple. It'll REALLY help text editing, making it much faster and more productive.

  • cherylannefromlittleton Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup. already wrote to them. We'll see what happens. I wouldn't mind using Photon as my browser if they can enable the better keyboard all the time, it's a nice browser. Can't believe such a simple tab can be added to all of the keyboards. Even on a pop-up-only-if-you-want-it basis.


    The link you posted would be a nice upgrade!

  • Emounder Level 1 (10 points)

    Press down for 1 second over the part of the text you want to change and it will pop up with a magnifying bubble, allowing you to easily see what you're looking at. Just move your finger side-to-side to move the cursor to the specific part of that bit of text you want to change/delete.

  • Rek5 Level 1 (0 points)

    How much time does it take to use an arrow key while u r typing? Milliseconds.

    How much margin of error is there with an arrow key? 0


    How much time does it take to move your hand to your text, wait for the magnify bubble, move the magnify bubble where you need it, click the backspace key and delete the letter you want deleted?  At least three seconds.


    Add the margin of error, the computer thinking you want to highlight instead of modify, or magnify instead of actually wanting to put the cursor there, or you get prompted to select and paste, or instead of inserting the cursor in the right spot, the cursor thinks you want it at the end of he sentance...  Add the absolute inability to get in the cursor in the right place sometimes when the text is hard to reach like in a side bar..... and what you get is called frustration that your $500 ipad makes a simple task that you do all the time, so irritating that you realize you paid $500 for a toy for your kids.


    My next tablet will be much cheaper and much more efficient.  It will let me type AND edit without interrupting my train of thought. And it wont be made by apple.   You can bet i wont be buying my kids another $500 toy.   I wont be fooled again.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    "You can bet i wont be buying my kids another $500 toy."


    Why would you buy them a $500 toy to begin with, let alone, again?

  • Rek5 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thats what i meant by being fooled.  I thought i was buying something i could use.  The only people in my family who find my ipad worthwhile are my kids, who if they get dressed fast in the morning, i let them use it to play games before we head to school.  Thus, a $500 toy. Otherwise, my ipad just sits as a mistake possession.

  • Eric ESAD Level 1 (0 points)

    I feel the same way. I bought mine as an alternative to a laptop - I figured I'd save some money & it would do all the basics I needed for work. But they designed it so it wouldn't be a fully functioning computer, and I've grown weary of Angry Birds. So, I'm giving it to my son. He'll download a zillion apps & be happy.

  • Mickchev Level 1 (0 points)

    Take a look at Arrow keys mail. I use that for all of my writing on the iPad. For a buck it's got left and right cursors plus (JOY!!) an actual delete key and a few other actually useful keys.


    As for toys, it's probably ok to spend $500 on your kids as long as they end up with a productive system. I've had a strange relationship with the ipad. I bought the original and dumped it on my ex after five weeks because it was so crap. Then after a year of blah android tablets, I bought the ipad 2 and loved it to death. I just gave that one to my ex and bought the new ipad. And after six weeks, I haven't seen a single difference between it and the ipad2. Except that I am $800 out of pocket. But ios is still the most cohesive operating system out there imho. For now at least... Apple is fully aware that the ipad is crippled and deliberately keeps it that way because they are scared of hurting Mac sales. I think they need to be more worried about Windows 8. Android still looks like it was written by a bunch of cowboys, but windows mobile and windows 8 are both very slick. Hard to believe they came from microsoft.

  • Foobs Level 1 (0 points)

    I am fully aware that there are workarounds for this; I use them.  I don't appreciate having to use them.  Yes, instead of hitting the back arrow a few times, I can zoom in and touch the screen (not too hard!), or I can hold my finger on the screen until the magnifying glass comes up, or I can buy an app then cut and paste everything I went to type, and god knows how many oter workarounds.  I just want arrow keys. 


    I don't want my computer/tablet/phone to force me to do things its way, whether that is the Microsoft Way or the Apple Way.  I want it to help me do what I want to do the way I want to do it.  I don't think I'm being unreasonable, Apple does.  They're going to design products the way they want to, and I'm not going to make the mistake of buying one again.

  • anotherscott Level 1 (0 points)

    It doesn't have to be a $500 toy over this, Rek. Maybe you missed by message earlier in the thread, but there are some apps you can use.


    I really like Heart Writer. It provides arrow keys and a lot of other useful writing enhancements. Just write in that, and then cut-and-paste into your mail program, web page, whatever. Defintely worth the 2 bucks.


    Of course, if you're going to do extensive writing, you can connect the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It has cursor keys.

  • goneipadmad Level 1 (0 points)

    I love my iPad 3.  It can't do nearly as much as I want it to.  Not having arrow keys is obviously just an ideology that has been maintained to suit Apple and their product niches.


    For me, I am simply waiting until I have truly exhausted all the features and functions that come with a stock iPad.  Even though I have only had the iPad for 3 weeks, its potential is incredible.


    From a reliability standpoint, the numbers for the iPad and ipad 2 are good.  There are other options for everyone to get the iPad to do everything they want it to.  So I have no worries about using every option available to the iPad 3 and unleashing it's full potential!


    Until then, until i decide to press the "Proceed with (other option)" button, I will suffer through the lack of arrow keys and backspace and use what Apple has provided.  I have spent too much money on a device that is too powerful to be limited by a companies cultural ideology!


    p.s. this thread will never die...and people will still buy the millions.  So yes, this is your place to rant!!!

  • rob1234567 Level 1 (0 points)

    Please add arrow keys.  Even my cell phone knows how to do this.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 (50,977 points)

    rob1234567 wrote:


    Please add arrow keys.  Even my cell phone knows how to do this.

    No one here can do that. Submit your feedback to Apple where it may actually do some good:


  • rob1234567 Level 1 (0 points)

    Feedback submitted, fwiw.

  • Jarom Ellsworth Level 1 (0 points)

    In Pages you can move the cursor to the left or right one space at a time by swiping with your finger to the left or right. It's a good alternative to arrow keys but it only works in Pages. I do a lot of writing on the iPad so I'm still hoping for arrow keys one day!!!!!

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