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Andrew Teilo Level 1 (0 points)
Over the last month or so I've experienced a big drop-off in my 3Gs's ability to latch-on to my local home WiFi signal. I've not recently upgraded, or changed settings on the phone. An example; my BT Home Hub router sits in my office and casts a strong signal throughout my timber-frame house, (and I know the signal's still fine because my 3-yr-old Macbook, which I use anywhere and everywhere, and spanking new iMac display full WiFi bars and the speed is excellent.) I normally access the web via my iPhone from my living-room, which is no more than 20 Yards from the router, and up until a month or so ago, enjoyed a full reception on the iPhone also, but now nothing. Zilch. (There is one small corner where I can sometimes pick up one bar.)
I'm composing this message on the iMac, which displays the full WiFi signal, with my iPhone propped up next to it and displaying zero WiFi reception. We are about eight yards away from the router.
(I realise this topic is closely linked to others already posted, but it's something that Apple should really be responding to; they obviously have people who keep an eye on forums like these to monitor feedback about their products, and connectivity issues seem to be a bit of a hot potato at the moment.)
My hunch is that the iPhone's capability to receive a WiFi signal has somehow become compromised, being as all other devices - and Apple devices at that - work fine.
Can somebody help.

iMac 27" 8 Gig, 2 TB, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • mikebeattie Level 1 (0 points)
    I've seen exactly this same behavior on my 3GS. It happened in the past week or so with no apparent trigger.

    Beyond just the issue of poor reception, I'm prompted to re-enter my password half the time I try to log into my network and some other networks are exceptionally slow. I'm fine just using the 3G network, but that ends up biting me any time I try to sync an application or download a large podcast.
  • mikebeattie Level 1 (0 points)
    I played around with a few settings and found something that seems to have improved the situation: the "interference robustness" setting. For an AirPort base station, I found it in the "wireless network options" panel in AirPort utility.

    You can find it here...
    1) Launch AirPort Utility
    2) Double-click your base station from the list on the left
    3) Click on the "Wireless" tab in the panel for your base station
    4) Click the "Wireless Network Options…" button at the bottom of that pane.

    When I was having really poor reception, the "Interference Robustness" option was unchecked. Checking it allowed me to actually use my WiFi network from my phone.

    This feels like a workaround at best, but at least it solved my problem.
  • Andrew Teilo Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for your advice, Mike.
    Unfortunately, my wi-fi is distributed via another hub and not via an Airport Base Station, so this operation is, for me, redundant. To cloud matters slightly, my older G5 is connected to the hub via Ethernet, whilst all other devices connect wirelessly.
    Up until very recently, all have worked with no problem. I'm still guessing that my iPhone's capacity to receive a wi-fi signal has become very compromised somehow; a fall, crud in the circuitry,...something!
    Can anybody enlighten me as to the anatomy of connectivity for an iPhone 3GS? Where are the receptors? What could interfere with them?
  • KevinAGI Level 1 (0 points)
    I too have started experiencing this problem. It happens on all wifi routers I encounter. My home, work, local starbucks etc. I have to be a maximum of 15 ft. to get any kind of signal. What is going on with this? This is obviously a problem many people are having.

  • shortycfu Level 1 (0 points)
    Isn't it "funny", that we all get the same problems in about the last few days/weeks? I have the same problem when I'm not directly next to the receiver. I'm nearly really sure that my iphone hasn't falled, banged or something like this....****, what's an iphone for when the internet isn't working!
  • mlbort Level 1 (0 points)
    i have to chime in here too. My 3GS is doing the exact same thing as of lately. I have to be standing in front of my router in order to connect at home. At work, it's no better. I think I'm going to take mine to the Genius Bar and see if they can't diagnose something wrong.
  • mattyskins Level 1 (0 points)
    My iPhone 3GS has suddenly developed an aversion to WiFi as well. I live in a small apartment, and have great wifi coverage courtesy of an Airport Express. No issues with signal strength from any of the other devices used on the network (MBP's, Apple TV, PS3, other iPhones). But in the last month, the only place that I can even 'see' my wifi network with my iPhone is within several feet of the router.

    There has been no incidents that I can point to as possible reasons for the extremely subpar performance, except maybe one of the iOS 4.x updates (this is total guessing). Would love to have a solution to this one. Maybe a genius bar visit is in order...
  • mattybritton Level 1 (0 points)
    I too had this problem, a sudden weak wifi signal. I also had a problem with the maps app(GPS) where it showed a location that was near where I was, but not exact. The beacon on the blue dot quit working as well. So, I did a little research and found out that GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth all have the same antenna. After doing this I decided to try and replace the GPS/Wifi antenna, which I purchased on Ebay for $2.95US, which included shipping. On this website:

    , there is a step-by-step procedure on how to replace the antenna. I bought a 00 screwdriver which is what the Iphone 3gs requires and what is called a spudger to help with the replacement of the antenna. Also, I would have a set of tweezers handy, because some of the screws are very little. Oh, you will need a suction cup as well.

    Long story short I am not an electronics wizard. I can follow directions and buying a wifi/gps antenna fixed my problem. It took around two hours for me. Hope this helps.
  • Rugbybooster Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the exact same problem with my 3GS.  I had hoped that installing 4.3.2 would help, but no joy.  Restoring the phone (recommended by the Genius) did not help either.  My wife's iPhone 4 and son's iPod Touch 4 continue to work w/no problem.  Although this occurs everywhere, not just at home, I should also mention that my WiFi at home is provided by a Time Capsule, which I suspect may be having problems as well.


    I'm also having the GPS location issue as well.


    Question for mattybritton:  did replacing the antenna fix both problems?  Does the signal strengh seem to have returned to normal?

  • rbrian Scotland Level 2 (430 points)

    My signal signal strength is as strong as it ever was, but it's suddenly very very very slow over wifi.  I thought it was just one particular BT Openzone hotspot i was using, taking forever to load the login page, but then the same thing happened at another Openzone hotspot I use regularly with no problems (until this week), and then my own wifi, and the one at work, all slow (like GPRS slow) on my iPhone, but all fine with my MacBook Pro (except wireless n on my HomeHub, but that's another story entirely).

  • Rugbybooster Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanx for the quick answer!  So...this sounds like it may be a good temporary fix until the iPhone 5 comes out?!  But was it worth the time & effort?

  • harry e. Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also having issues with a diminishing signal as I move through the house. Here is my setup in hopes someone can help.

    Apple Extreme basestation

    Apple Express joined to network approx. 45' from base station

    Second Express joined to network apporx 45' from first Apple express.


    My bars on my iphone are full around the base station and once I stand in front of the first express closest to the base station, my bars drop to 2. As I get in front of the 2nd Express, my bars drop to one. Prior to me buying the second Express to extend my network, I was already getting one bar, so this has essentially helped none that I can tell. Any help or tips would be appreciated.

  • barryfromuxbridge Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a 3gs Mine also has very weak Wifi and gps its been driving me crazy and I'm sure the battery is draining faster too, dies in about 8hrs with wifi off screen brightness down low and only about 30mins usage.

    I'm sick of companies like this throwing new phones and software out quick and grabbing your money without properly ironing out these issues first by extensive testing

    When I opened my forum account for this site just then I was unable to scroll down to read the t's and c's with apples own safari On iPhone! School boy errors! very very school boy apple.


    This has been an issue for well over a month and it appears no one has a fix and apple have been no help to anyone regarding this matter. Go hang around with sony's customer services 'keep quiet if we've messed up mentality' employees sound like you'd get on well.


    Disclaimer: if I have been unfair due to un-through research about this problem and have been wrong in my accusations I Appologise my judgment may be somewhat clouded by the tech rage this issue has caused me!


    If anyone does have a fix please let me know

  • redhotmojo Level 1 (0 points)

    Weak WiFi reception seems to be a suddenly common problem.  We just traveled to Holland last week, and all three of our iPhones were useless, and unable to pick up wifi signals.  We got back to the states, and the problem continues.


    My iPhone must be within a few feet of a wifi router or will see no signals.  I visited an Apple reseller who told me to update my iPhone software to solve the problem.  Now I have NO signal reception unless my phone is at the router... any router.


    Today I went to the Genius Bar, where the Genius reset my phone, and told me I have a hardware problem: my wifi card in my phone is no good, and I have to replace my phone.  I thought this was suspicious at best, turned to the forums, and discovered many, many, many people have the same problem!!! 


    We can't all suddenly have the same hardware problem, but we all can have the same software problem.  This seems to be a well known bug based upon what I've read here.


    I am about to do a total RESTORE on my iPhone to see if it solves the problem.


    I agree with another's comment: Come on, Apple, fess up and fix it.

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