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hello . i read some topics regarding the issue of the memory modules' upgrade but still i need some confirmation.i use an imac late 2006 20' 2.16 GHz 2x512MB and i would like to change it to 2x2GB.will this be useful or is it too much for my processor ?
i have found memory modules in mstore.de i don't know what company though.is somebody recommending a specific company of memory modules ?
finally i'd like to change my processor and choose an i3 or i5 .is this possible to happen? i don't think there is an official apple.inc 's permission to do that , or is there ?
thank you in advance

2.16 intel core 2 duo imac5.1, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iBook G4 933 Panther not working but I'll fix it one day