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Denopie Level 1 Level 1
I started recording with Quickvoice. But I can't find the recorded data when I want to import it to my computer. I have tried the Quickvoice Sync.. Didn't work. Shows this message: "1 recordings found. 0 recordings imported, 0 previously imported." When I look in the corresponding folder it shows 1 .dmp file.
Then I searched for another program. Found iTalk. I download the iTalk Sync program. My iPad and my computer are connected to the same wireless.. It finds my iPad, I double click on it as it is asked. I get this message: Couldn't connect to iPhone" So can someone explain how comes or does anyone knows another program that is easy to use in recording and syncing..

iPad 3G, Windows Vista
  • David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6
    Just make sure what ever recoding program you use can save the audio file as an mp3.
  • adamcohn95 Level 1 Level 1

    Did the sync.  It sent one file (the one saying to buy the pro app) to my Documents folder.


    Already bought the pro app thinking it might help.  So why the one file and not the other?


    This is seriously Bush league.   Being kept from a file on a device I own with software I bought but I can't get to it.  Absolutely crazy.  How does this software exist without the ability to grab your audio????


    This is the kind of crap that makes people nuts with Apple.  And while I know it's a developer's software, this issue is uniquely Apple.


    Please someone tell me how to fix this crap because I am very upset I am being denied access to MY audio.

  • adamcohn95 Level 1 Level 1

    I figured out how to get the file by using iExplorer, a great free app that lets you "hack" in to your own iPad.


    That is if you consider exploring the files on your ipad hacking it.  Ha.  What a joke.