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Just got an iPad. When using USB cord to connect to computer, iPad charging indicator says "not charging". iTunes synchs fine. When I use wall outlet to charge all OK. Any ideas why not charging through ANY USB port on my laptop? Thank you,

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    It probably will be charging, just very slowly (and will show the Not Charging message) - USB ports tend not to provide enough power to make charging an iPad efficient. The best/quickest way to charge it is via the wall charger
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    Leave it plugged in after you complete the sync, let it go to sleep (lock) and the charging rate will increase and you'll get a charging indication.

    The charger provided with your iPad can put out up to 2A of charging current. The best you're going to see from a USB port is somewhere around 500mA, that only from high-power ports and can be less depending on the computer. Seeing the "Not Charging" while syncing is perfectly normal.
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    Likely, when connected to the computer, the iPad will not charge while using it.
    It may charge while it is not being used (turned off) and connected to the computer.
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    I have never seen my iPad charge from my PC until the last time it was connected for a synch. It was at about 20% when I plugged in the USB. I forgot about it for at least 4 hours. I disconnected and was going to charge with the wall charger but noticed it said 100%. It just takes a long time to charge.
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    The funniest part is if I use the same USB port on my MacBook Air booted in WIN 7 it says "not charging", but if I boot in Apple OS, then there seems to be no problem and the iPad seems to charge OK ... ???

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    Even though the port is able to provide more power, the OS needs to know this in order to enable it.