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I have a MacbookPro 15'. I think it's the early 2009 model. (MacBookPro 5,3)

I did the initial power conditioning of my battery, as suggested by Apple.

I use my laptop sparingly.

So I drain my battery once a month and recharge it, also, as per Apple.

What is happening is this: When I shut down my computer, the battery goes empty in a matter of days.

Most recently, I recharged my batteries during my monthly conditioning phase.
I had to use the computer the next day, and the icon with the battery in the toolbar(I forget what it's called) showed me at almost empty. But when I pushed the button on the side of the laptop, it was showing me that I was only down 2 dots of power.

Does anyone know whats going on?

MacBookPro 15' Early 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.6)