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so i have a 160gb ipod classic that i got with my macbook. I also still have my old ipod 30gb that is synced with my windows computer. Since i got the new ipod it wont update my recently played list on the ipod itself, my old ipod does this perfectly. I have tried unchecking the live update then syncing the ipod and adding it back but this didnt seem to work. its not just the recently played playlist but any live updating playlist. anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?

macbook pro 15'', Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    I have a similar problem, but my iPod classic used to update play count until the most recent iPod software update. I do so wish I could remove the last update, because as far as I'm concerned, the one playlist that I use no longer works. Maybe the update was good & useful in other ways but I can't tell that. I only know that my iPod is now broken.

    So I have a playlist, that selects when play count = 0 & its set for live updating. Previously my iPod would play a song from this list & live, or real time, the song would be removed from the list when it was completely played. Now the songs stay on the list until I bother to connect the iPod to iTunes, which I would only ever do, when I bought a new CD.

    So this is nasty for me, because I have to write down the last song I played, on my Unplayed list, in order to get back to where I left off. I have about 6000 unplayed songs so its not that simple.

    I have reviewed many posts about this issue & I have tried all the little workarounds & nothing is helping.

    Does anyone know how to fix?
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    BTW my iPod v 1.1.2 is the most recent version
    iTunes v
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    I have the same problem with my "unrated" playlist. My 1st iPod classic would dynamically update this playlist when I rated a song. If I left the list and came back the song would be gone and moved to the proper playlist. But that iPod broke a while ago and I got a new one for x-mas. This new iPod classic is not updating these lists dynamically. I was hoping there was a setting like "live updating" that would fix this issue but I can't find anything. So my question is: How do I get my new iPod classic to dynamicly update my playlists like my old one did without having to plug it into my computer?
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    This all seems to point the latest firmware as the problem, because mine worked right before the firmware upgrade, & your older iPod worked, & also for the first person's posting here, the older iPod worked. I really hope this will be fixed by Apple in the meantime I'm going to research trying to revert my firmware (best of luck to me on that). I didn't notice anything of benefit being delivered with that firmware, the only thing I noticed is this problem, & I don't want this firmware version anymore. BTW you probably noticed there is a "live update" checkbox on the smart playlist in iTunes. This was always checked off on my playlist, but in ligth of the problem, I tried 20 different versions of my playlist, & in one of those tests, I unchecked that box, synched the iPod, of course it did not live update. Then I checked the box, synched the iPod, & it still did not live update. I also tried other things like, type is music, type is not video, bps is not zero, less than one instead of equals zero, etcetera. Please let me know if you find the answer!
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    Do things get any better following a reset of the iPod? Do you have lots of playlists that need to update themselves? Is your iPod nearly full?

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    Hi there, I have tried resetting the iPod & it has not changed the playlist behavior. I have 29 playlists including the delivered ones & 4 of those 29 are not smart playlists (don't update themselves). I have 34 gigs free. I am guessing my replies are not leading in a helpful direction.

    I found a download of firmware version 1.1.1 yesterday so I can revert back to that but haven't got the time to do it until next weekend. Thanks for the troubleshooting ideas!
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    I am having the same problem with my 16 gb iPod Nano.  I want my plays to be counted by Last.FM, but Last.FM counts the Recently Played playlist.  Forgive the conspiacy theory, but I think Apple would rather we use Ping.

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    I did downgrade my firmware but that didn't help the problem. Playcounts still not live updating. I have decided to buy a Zune & will donate my iPod to a poor student. I was on iPod from 2004 to present but sayonara! Also I looked at Ping & it looks like its really cool helpful stuff, but I cannot imagine how Ping could ever replace the live updating of playlists on the iPod. I noticed that for my New Year's Eve playlist, 2 of the songs had each played 9 times, because the playcount didn't change from zero. I can't go for that. Its a simply feature that always worked. Over & out. Cheers all. :-)