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15 inch Macbook Pro bought last summer, latest OS, no modifications

I let my laptop run out of its battery as I was skyping with a friend, so I went to get it charged. Normally, if it ever ran completely out of its battery life, it would just go to sleep and I would be able to resume what I was doing a minute or two after I plugged it back in. This time, however, when I plug it in, it makes a faint beeping noise from the mouse pad area and won't charge. I left it plugged in for 20 minutes, but one led on the bar on the left side of the laptop, which indicates the battery charge, was still blinking. The beeping noise is continuous and is quite similar to the double beep you get when you power up the laptop, except it's at a constant rate of one a second and seems to be cut off.

edit: The flashing light at the front is synchronized to the beeping.

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.

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Macbook pro 15, latest OS, no modifications
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