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I am getting these emails. They say No subect, No sender, No content and they're dated 12/31/69. I'm not able to delete them. Very strange. Is this some sort of virus? Has anyone else been having this issue. One has now shown up on my iPhone 4.
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    I have also been getting these emails in my inbox. The 12/31/69 even changes to 12/31/00 when I update my mailbox. I have MobileMe and strangely these emails don't show up on my Mac which leads me to think that it's an iOS issue but I can't figure it out either. It's been going on for more than a few months and is sporadic.
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    Reset your iPad/iPhone and it will remove them.
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    The reset worked on my iPad
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    I have also had this problem on both my ipad and iphone. I do a hard reset which does, in fact, solve the issue...temporarily. I have gotten this glitch over and over with iOS 3 and 4+. However, it is few and far between with the newer iOS updates, but still happens occasionally.

    Also interesting to note that in our household, we have 4 iOS devices, and only my two have been affected...
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    Ok, now let's go to the 1 million dollars question:

    I have a Mail Server on my office running the EXIM MTA. I also have 3 iPads that need to send and receive mails. The server is configured as a POP3 server. When I configure the iPad in this protocol, it works to receive mails but not to send. I've tried to switch the smtp port. The tablet came with the 587 port configured, so i tried the 110 port, but it keeps no sending mails. So, I tried the last available port (25), but I 've got the same result. I've tried to delete all mail accounts, reset the iPad, configure everything again but nothing have changed.

    Someone have answer to this?

    P.S - Thanks for the future answers and sorry if I wrote something wrong. I'm Brazilian and my english is "under construction"...hehe.

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