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After having upgraded from iPhoto '11 to Aperture 3, I want to sync projects and albums from the Aperture library to my iPhone 4, just as I was used to do before. So, in the photos tab of iTunes I changed the picture source from iPhoto to Aperture. Below I then marked "Selected projects, albums, faces, and automatically include projects of last 2 months".

With this setting, however, all of my projects become marked and greyed out. Even older projects are marked, like 10 years or more. I'd expect that when I say "projects of last 2 months" this means ... well ... last two months! Plus that I would have the choice to select more projects just to my liking.

What's wrong with this setting? Or am I mistaking something?

What I do to avoid this issue right now, is to choose "... include no projects", and then choose all projects manually, which is kind of bothersome and not really like it should be.

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    To make this Aperture-3-syncing-with-iTunes-to-my-iPhone thing even worse, I just found out that changes I make in Aperture projects are not reflected in the iTunes sync window.

    After having added a few new projects and after renaming one of my existing projects in A3, neither the new photos nor the changed name of the project are shown in iTunes sync.

    No one having an idea on what is going on here? Please help!

    I begin to ask myself if I had better stuck with iPhoto 11 ...
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    I'm having the same issue. Changes I make to my Aperture albums aren't reflected in iTunes.

    Specifically, I've synced a particular faces 'album' (71 photos) & then later removed some photos from the album (now 46 photos). But iTunes still sees it as 71 photos.

    However, if I add photos to this album, that change is reflected in iTunes. So I'm wondering if there's some one-way database that only recognizes additions?

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    In preferences, do you have your previews set to share with iLife and iWork always or on quit?
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    iTunes interprets the dates different between iPhoto and Aperture. With iPhoto, it uses the event date, which in turn is based on the oldest photo in the event. With Aperture, it uses the time when you created the project in Aperture. So "projects of last 2 months" will give you all your projects if you imported your library from iPhoto recently. The same goes for "20 most recent projects" - it will sync the last 20 projects that you created in Aperture, regardless of the date of the photos.

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    Perhaps some of my issue is different than the OP. My settings are for previews to always share.

    But my changes to the faces album in aperture is not reflected in iTunes. I untag photos in aperture, but iTunes still sees the original amount of photos for that face.
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    This hasn't been solved in Lion, that's for sure.  I'm amazed such a simple problem exists between two apple products.  Amazed and frustrated, it seems I bounce between Lightroom and Aperture and fine issues with both.  is there an 'apple requested feature' website?