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Hi guys,

I really need a help here.
So, I got an iPad for work from my boss.
It was still very basic, no games etc (only keynote).
Because I was new to iPad, so I play around with it, then somehow I shut it down.
The problem is when I tried to restart it again, it frozen on the Apple logo.
I search all the helps that I could find such as:
-pressing the home and power button: failed!
-connecting it to the iTunes: failed! it even made my iTunes froze too.
I then went to an iBox (apple store back here),and surprisingly it can connect to the iTunes (but I didn't restore it there, because I have to pay and also the tech guy said that I can restore it myself through the iTunes so I don't need to pay, but when I tried to my iTunes,they're (iPad & iTunes) froze again)
I do really need a quick reply or I must pay just to restore the iPad.
Please HELP me and thanks

Alex R.

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    search on here for the method to force Itunes to wipe the ipad and start from scratch. Its something like holding down the power and home buttons, and let go the home button while plugged into itunes (I think I plugged mine in after the fact, still holding down the one button). It forces itunes to wipe it clean.

    As I said search in here. I know I posted a link a few days ago for someone else, but dont have a chance to get it. I will later at home if I have time.

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    Try restarting the iPad following these instructions.

    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off iPad. To turn iPad back on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake until the Apple logo appears.

    You can only sync and restore an iPad with iTunes.

    If you try to restore, you will lose the Keynote app that was installed by your boss because it's not stored in your iTunes account.

    Your best bet if following the instructions to restart the iPad didn't help, is to take it to your boss and have him/her restore it. *You don't want to do anything that could void the one year limitied warranty.*