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Steven Cooper1 Level 1 Level 1
Hi, I've been trawling for ages trying to find a way to screen grab a specific area of my screen using automator without having to select the area each time manually.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance

MacBookPro unibody and 24" Alu iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
  • BDAqua Level 10 Level 10
    Hi Steven, maybe you can hace Automator use a Terminal script...

    Capture the screen to the clipboard:

    screencapture -c

    Capture a selection or window (press spacebar to switch):

    screencapture -i ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

    Capture a window without its shadow (press spacebar after entering the command to enable Window Selection mode):

    screencapture -io ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

    Capture the screen and open the image in a new Mail message:

    screencapture -M ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

    Capture the screen and open the image in a Preview window:

    screencapture -P ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

    Capture the screen and save the image in the specified format (valid values are pdf, jpg, tiff, etc.):

    screencapture -t png ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

    Capture the screen after the specified amount of seconds have passed:

    screencapture -T 10 ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

    Capture the screen without playing the camera shutter sound:

    screencapture -x ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

    You can see all the screencapture parameters by running:

    man screencapture

    Keep in mind that these parameters can be combined, so you could, for instance, take a timed screenshot without the camera shutter sound:

    screencapture -T 10 -x ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

    http://www.geekology.co.za/blog/2009/02/mac-os-x-quick-tip-taking-screenshots-fr om-the-command-line/
  • David Das Level 1 Level 1
    Apple TV

    BDAqua, very helpful stuff. Do you know if there's a similar command to tell QT Player to capture screen movies? (I'm trying to do automated movie screen captures of specific areas of the screen.)