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Hey Guys,

I tried to setup a second server as an Open Directory replica, and the whole thing failed spectacularly. So, now I'm trying to back out.

I successfully un-replica'd the machine, but the Open Directory Master still lists the server in "Replica Status" in Server Admin. It says:

*X.X.X.X "ERROR PasswordService — Warning: Replication has not completed yet."*

Maybe it's not hurting anything, but I don't want to see this message anymore!

I tried:

*slapconfig -removereplica X.X.X.X*

And that got me:

*Warning: unable to update /config/passwordserver records in the LDAP domain without an administrator.*
*Segmentation fault*

Segfault? Fantastic. Is there a more manual -- configuration files? -- that I can get rid of this failde replica attempt and be back at square one?


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