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hi there, i am at a complete frustrating loss with this very common but highly annoying problem. my macbook pro 13.3 2010 2.4ghz wont charge. the led light is dim green, after smc reset i blinks dim green to amber but goes dim green when laptop is power up.
i have bought a new battery, new charger and even replace the the dc magsafe socket. i dont have warranty due to changing battery. i have spent hours googling this problem and i cant get anywhere.
when its plug in direct the battery doesnt drain and the computer is running of mains. i believe its a software and not hardware problem.
please any advice would be greatful

macbook pro 13.3 2.4ghz, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    any help at all???
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    I have a similar issue. New battery was charging fine until a recent [firmware] update?

    - magsafe light is solid bright green
    - battery indicator (on battery) shows 50%
    - battery status is "(Not Charging)"
    - battery condition is "Normal". (Pressed option while clicking battery status)
    - Macbook Pro only runs when plugged into power adapter, will not boot from battery even though battery appears to be normal and have juice.

    I've reset SMC & PRAM.
    I've unplugged the adapter from the wall for several minutes.

    SMC Version (system): 1.28f3
    Boot ROM Version: MBP41.00C1.B03

    Any ideas?
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    same thing here. seems likely it's related to the firmware update. any way of rolling it back?
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    it seems like i am not alone. my battery cycle count is less then 15 so i have ruled out battery, magsafe charger and magsafe dc socket so i know it cant be a hardware problem so it must be a software problem.
    all the apple support advice has been exhausted, i am at a complete loss!!! am i doing something wrong? are the SMC and PRAM different for a mid 2010 macbook pro?
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    Shamie: You certainly shot yourself in the foot by removing your machine's built-in battery and doing all that work on it yourself when it was still under warranty. Now that you've voided the warranty, there isn't going to be anything to do but pay to have it serviced properly. The problem is not software.

    EDIT: And yes, the SMC and PRAM resets are different:


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    i honestly believe i can repair this problem without taking it to see apple, it is a software problem. theres no sign of a hard ware problem. iv ended up with a really expensive desktop!!
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    Good luck.