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Good evening,

I used to have iTunes on one of my laptops with all my songs there but i managed to break that laptop, anyways so I downloaded iTunes on my other laptop and connected my iPhone to it and was going to add a few more songs to it, but iTunes said " syncing will replace all the current songs on your iPhone "iPhone" with the ones on your iTunes ( thus in other words the ones on this laptop) now I have allot of songs on my iPhone so I dont wish to go re-add them all ...

is there a way I can add the 80 songs I got on this laptop without deleting all the other songs on my iPhone?

latitude d800, Windows XP Pro
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    The iphone will sync itunes content with one and only one computer. If your sync to another, then it will indeed erase the current content and replace with content from the new computer.

    It has always been very basic to always maintain a backup copy of your computer files/docs/pics/music/etc.

    Use your backup copy to put everything back.

    The music sync is one way -computer to iphone. The only exception is itunes purchases. Without syncing : File>Transfer Purchases

    It is much simpler to use your backup copy.

    If you sync contacts/calendars to a blank computer, then they will be erased as well.
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    You must not understand what I said, I broke the other laptop :/

    And no I don't keep a backup copy to all my songs :/
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    I completely understood.

    It has always been very basic to ALWAYS have a backup of your computer, as computers/hard drives do not always announce their pending failure.

    If you do not backup EVERYTHING, then you will probably lose it at some point.

    If you have failed to backup ( not good), then you can transfer itunes purchase sonly from the iphone. Without syncing: File>Transfer Purchases

    You can enter one unique contact and calendar entry on you computer. When you sync, then you should get the option to merge the data.

    You should begin today, backing up all info/file/docs/music/pics/etc.
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    Ok, I don't udnerstand the backing up parts and i never bought my songs so idk if i can do what you said last... but see .... can I import the songs on my iphone to my iTunes, and then re-sync it with the 80 songs that where originally on my laptop to go in the iPhone?
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    You can ONLY transfer itunes purchases from the iphone to the computer, as explained before.

    You should be backing up EVERYTHING regularly.
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    Sry for all these stupid questions but can you explain to me these?
    What is Back-up you speak of
    How do you do it?
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    You should regularly make a copy of everything on your computer to an external source - dvd, flash drive, external drive,etc.

    You can just copy everything or use a backup program.

    You can type "backup itunes library" into the google search bar or into the search bar at the top of this page.