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    You're welcome. Glad I could help you out.

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    They may have aplogy or explainatin but I do envy you they had fixed your problem


    I had sent complain and yes they do reply within 24 hours but ever since tnen they had yet to fix mine. It's been a month already and sooner or later i might ended up bursting into thier hq...


    P.s: sent second complain yesterday

  • ILICarrieDoll Level 1 (0 points)

    For ipad i did sign out and sign in with new password but i still get this id disable. I dunno what to do already

  • ILICarrieDoll Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry, I mean, they may have not given any apologies or explaination, but at leat they fixed your problem. I'm envy you

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    Huh, my turn now. I, too, think it is tied to fraudulent charges. A week ago Sunday, I got an email from Apple (at 3:00 a.m.) saying that Kingdom Conquest had been downloaded to an unrecognized device. That if I felt this was unauthorized, I should change my password. At 3:15 a.m. another email was sent advising of inapp purchases to this same device. By the time I got up at 7:00, $103 had been taken from me through my Paypal account. I sent Apple an email, they told me that against their usual policy, they would refund my $. That my account would be disabled to prevent furthur unauthorized purchases, until I reply asking for re-enable, which I did. And they enabled my account. So far, so good. Meanwhile, I googled and found that MANY MANY MANY occurances of this has happened with Sega's Kingdom Conquest. That Apple and Sega have known about this for over a year. And yet in their email, Apple made it sound like I was a victim of ID theft, and I'd better check with Paypal and blah blah blah. They know darn well there is something fishy going on with Kingdom Conquest. They could send me an email to warm me it had happened, then they should be able to prevent the download to an unrecognized device. Yesterday, my Paypal account was credited the full $103. And now my Apple Id has been disabled AGAIN. "Your Apple ID has been disabled". END QUOTE. Not "...for security reasons".  I've sent an email, and feel pretty sure it will be re-enabled sometime tomorrow, but I don't see why this has to happen in the first place.  Why this second disabling? Why no email or some kind of communication advising me? I just don't get it.

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    Same here. Apple support really *****! There is absolutely no place to find "Your Apple ID was Disabled" or why.

    They are surely much better at selling these things than servicing them. I have been working for 4 days to

    try to get mine fixed. No live help available, just robots and run arounds.


  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)

    " Apple support really *****!"


    What did they tell you?


    " There is absolutely no place to find "Your Apple ID was Disabled" or why."


    You cannot find "Your Apple ID was Disabled?

    Isn't this what pops up on your screen?


    Have you gone to -> ?

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    Well, i am re-enabled again. Didn't take long, and they are very nice in their email. I replied, thanking him, and asked why my account had been disabled, he said "Your account was disabled as unauthorized purchase was reported on 01/15/2012 to prevent any further such purchases". I replied "It's just that it was re-enabled by Ilavarasan on the 16th, (see below in this email trail) and stayed enabled until the other day when my refund came through Paypal, when it was disabled again. I wondered if the refund triggered another disable for some reason. I guess I don't understand."


    I'll see what he says back.


    Chris, the message we get, "your account has been disabled" is different than "your account has been disabled for security reasons". In the latter case, the link you provide to iforgot is beneficial. But in the first case, which is what most if us in this thread have experienced, it does no good. It was the first thing I tried last night.


    I believe these are 2 distinct messages, for 2 distinct situations. I cannot find anything on "your account has been disabled". Only for "your account has been disabled for security reasons".

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    Derpak responded "you are correct, account will be disabled on receiving chargeback. It is designed in such a way to ensure security of accounts."




    I know it was disabled when Paypal issued the chargeback 10 days ago. I said the actual refund. Oh well. They may all be very nice, but it feels like the song "there's a hole in the bucket" or the comedy routine "who's on first" when corresponding.


    What I take away from this is that my account was disabled again when Paypal actually posted my refund. And I will never get the answer to "why".

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    Exact thing happened to me but they only got $40 before I changed passwords and filed a dispute with paypal.  No message or email on disable.  Sega says it has nothing to do with Game but it is odd thast the same game involved in many of these attacks. I still can't find a human to talk to.

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    I see the same thing, a message stating "Your Apple ID was Disabled."  That is the entire message; nothing in there about security reasons.  If I search Apple Support, typing in that exact phrase, nothing good pops up.  From reading this thread, I'm not the only one seeing this.  You would think that there would be *some* kind of page for this exact error message. 


    I can see why people are so frustrated with Apple.  The search results are not very helpful.  When I called the 800 MY APPLE number, the person there wanted to sell me some kind of maintenance plan before I could talk to a technician.  My phone is not broke, and iTunes won't let my phone access my account, so why should I pay Apple $$$ to fix a problem where they won't let me spend my $$$ at their own store??


    And Apple really needs to figure out if Apple and iTunes are the same, or if they are two different entities.  Depending on where you go, you get conflicting impressions.  Apple wants to charge me money to fix access to iTunes, but iTunes will support me for free?  What the heck do I make of that??  Again, this just all adds to the very frustrating experience of trying to get this resolved.



    After searching and searching (before finding this thread), I eventually ended up finding the link you posted:  But this link did not resolve anything.  I can log into the account just fine from a web browser on my PC.  But when I try to download a free app or buy a new app on my iPhone, I continue to get the same error message.


    I am very confused as to exactly what my Apple accounts are.  I have an Apple ID of "jimburd", which I am using now to post this.  This is linked to my e-mail address.  On my iPhone, I cannot enter the Apple ID, and I have to enter the e-mail address.  And when I do, I can't use the passsword I've assigned to the jimburd Apple ID.  If I enter that password, I get a message indicating that my account name & password are not valid.  If I enter the old password associated with the jimburd AppleID, I get the message "Your Apple ID was Disabled."  So I am very confused.


    Any light you are able to shed would be greatly appreciated.



    Oh, and I went to the previously posted link and filed an report under the "Express Lane" option.  That was a few hours ago, and I'm waiting to hear back from them.


    In the meantime, I've checked my credit card info, and that all looks current so I'm at a complete loss to understand why this popped up this past weekend.  Everything was working just fine (for the last 6 months or so) until then.


    But for now, I remain confused and in the dark.

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    JimBurd wrote:


    I am very confused as to exactly what my Apple accounts are.  I have an Apple ID of "jimburd", which I am using now to post this.

    To be correct, JimBurd is simply an alias to your AppleID to prevent your actual AppleID from being posted in the forums.


    It is confusing and Apple really needs to clear it up and make is so things can be merged into one single AppleID.

    MobileMe, iCloud, as well as other are a pain.


    Oh, and I went to the previously posted link and filed an report under the "Express Lane" option.  That was a few hours ago, and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

    That's all you can do at this point. If you do not hear back within 48 hours, send another message.

    When you do hear back, make sure to respond to the email already started. Don't keep peppering them with new emails from the support link.

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    If you get no response from Express Lane within 24 or 48 hours, send an email to   I've had good luck with them getting refunded and re-enabled. But no good answers to what the heck is going on.

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    Thanks, to both Chris and Liz.  I'll post again if/when I hear back from Apple. 

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    Have "Your Apple ID is disabled" (only, not the for security reason). Phone call to Apple said I had to use Express Lane since I'm out of warranty. Did reset my ID password and can access my account.  Sure it was from a fraudulant charge to itunes that was handled at bank level a while back.


    Tried going through these steps using Safari:

  then -> Contact Support -> Get iTunes support via Express Lane -> iTunes Store -> (Select) Purchase Billings & Redemption -> (Click) Continue -> (Select) Unable to purchase from iTunes Store -> (Select your device, OS, iTunes version, and country then click Continue) -> Now you can send email from here to apple to re-enable your Apple ID.


    No luck. Once I get to "Issue Description" at the bold step above, I get basically a blank screen (does say Issue Description but nothing else).   What am I missing??


    Can anyone direct me in the right direction (pretty please) so I can get my ID re-enabled??

    Thanks in advance.

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