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Hi my ipod wont charge!! It was working fine until recently It will work fine when on the docking station and will display its charging but when i remove it from the dock its battery is dead Ive tried plugging in to the wall it does look like its charged but as soon as I remove it it is dead again!! Ive now plugged it in the laptop and it wont even come on now the apple logo appears but then dissapears! I dont no how i resolve it does anyone have this problem? or no how to resolve it?? Its driving me mad now as I no it isnt the battery itself as it works fine on the dock! many thanks

compaq, Windows Vista, laptop
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    Hello clareparker,

    The iPod only works on your charger because it is receiving a constant charge from the dock itself, which means it doesn't have to rely on its own battery power to continue to function and stay powered on. In other words, it sounds like your iPod's battery is show and will need to be placed either by Apple, a third party repair company, or you can even opt to do the repair yourself.