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Cleaning up some old posts and I noticed that back in the fall there was some discussion concerning finding all the albums a particular image is in. I had created an Applescript to do this but never got around to posting it.

Anyway for anyone interested you can download the script from [Search Aperture albums for a specific image|http://cms.crystal-objects.com/blogs/frank/searchaperture_albums_specificimge121010]

It's not terribly polished but it gets the job done. Be warned a large library with a lot of albums with a lot of images in each album will take some time to to through. If you're interested in scripting show the scripts package contents to get at the actual Applescript.

If you grab it please let me know. Use the scripts site feedback as discussing it here would be against the terms of use.

If you have a more general Applescript/Aperture question then post away.

Message was edited by: Frank Caggiano - The script was tested on 10.6.6 with Aperture 3.1.1; I can't vouch for other flavors

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