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I have looked thru the forum and find nothing about tis. I have the av cable plugged into a sanding LED TV as illustrated in the directions. It comes up and says the iPad is connected, but when I choose media play fromm the list, and choose photos, music or movies, it says none of tho files are on this device. Can anyone help? Thanks

Ipad, 800 MHz
  • tigwy Level 1 Level 1
    A Samsung Tv.
  • Dan Fenner Level 1 Level 1
    It sounds like you're not doing it quite right. On my TV, I have to choose the Input that my iPad is connected to. To look at photos, you have to view them in a slideshow. Music should play right from the iPod app. Videos, right from the Videos app.

    Some apps are written for video-out and others aren't.

  • tigwy Level 1 Level 1
    I have the photos running a slide show, music in playing in iPod, etc.
  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 Level 7
    It sounds like you're trying to play iPad content from TV controls, which you can't do. Connect it up, select an input probably labeled something like VIDEO2, start playing from the iPad.
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    Thanks, no video 2 on this TV. Have tried all the different selections. It sees the iPad is on, connected, but says there is nothing on the iPad, no pics, movies or music. Will keep trying.
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    My television doesn't notify me. After I choose the correct input, I have a black screen. When I open up something omy iPad (from my iPad), it starts playing.

    It does seem like you're doing it a very different way. I have never seen "play media from a list." I just see (on the ipad screen itself) what I normally see when I'm using my iPad.

  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 Level 7
    I said like that, not exactly that. Typical inputs for hd sets would be TV/CABLE, HDMI, COMPONENT, VIDEO, GAME, MUSIC, Etc., etc. These are what you'd expect to see in your set's Input menu.

    As for it not being able to see anything, I can't imagine that there are many (or, any) sets out there that will work with an iPad the way you're expecting yours to work. I'd be very surprised if your tv's manual includes the iPad as among those things that it can see and, generally, those lists are very specific. I would, otoh, believe that it could play with an iPod and maybe that's what it's seeing.

    Figure out where you would plug a DVD player into your tv and hook the three plugs, 2 audio and 1 video, into that same spot. Then do whatever your manual tells you to do to see what the DVD player is sending to your set. Then start the play from the iPad.
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    Thanks. Got a video to play. Still working on the pics and music. And i have to figure out the sound input.
  • tigwy Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks. It works now.
  • Michael Morgan1 Level 7 Level 7
    Glad you got it all going. Enjoy!
  • Lisa Desert Rose Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone,


    I have an ipad 2 and using composite AV cable on my tv .. Audio works but no mirroring . how do I make it work

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    I'm no expert but here is what I found:


    - Composite AV cable only works on the TV with video aware apps on the iPad.  The app apparently controls whether video output is sent to the dock connecter or not.  From what I can tell, both the video app and photo app in slideshow mode do send a video signal.  There might be others but it would be on an app-by-app basis.  The composite AV cable does not provide mirroring.  It just sends an output signal through the cable to the TV.  The iPad screen changes to a message indicating the output is being shown on the TV.


    - Some people have reported the same problem you are having...audio yes, video no.  From what I can tell, the most often cause is a defective cable.  Mine gives me both audio and video so I have not experienced the same thing as you.  If you are in easy reach of an Apple Store, take it there and have them try it out.


    - If you want mirroring, where the TV shows everything on the iPad, you need the Digital AV Adapter, which allows you to connect a HDMI cable to your iPad.  Of course, you will also need a HDMI cable.  This provided video and sound and everything on the iPad is mirrored.  Works quite well.


    - I also agree with many others on this topic - way too confusing and not consistent with the simple, easy Apple experience.

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    Apparently when I started using apples's version of HDMI it didn't work on my IPad but managed to work on My PS3 so I switched to the default HDMI with my PS3 and iPad and it works fine. Make sure you have the heavy HDMI cable and not one of apple's HDMI ones. The normal cable you'd get from any electronic store would work fine with the AV cable and IPad on the other hand I had problems with Apple's HDMI. Hope this helps

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    I've had problems connecting my iPods (iPod 30GB Video 5.5Gen, iPod Touch 1st and 2nd Gen, with software up to date) and my iPhone 4 (iOS 6 up to date) to my Samsung LED TV Series 5 using the original, Apple, composite AV cable. Everything is plug in, the way it should be, according to the manual. Devices charge and the Settings menu even displays the TV Settings... It shoud work right?

    No... No audio (tried to play some music), no photo, no video (no images, no audio), nothing...

    The composite AV cable is fine and works on a crappy 15-20 year old CRT TV (mp3, video and photo).

    I've adjusted every TV-Out setting there is, on both LED TV and iDevices with no result...


    Don´t know waht else to do... Need help... Any suggestions????