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  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    You mentioned issues with Safari... I've seen Safari crash reports with problems with the MacBookPro graphics card.  



    Not sure if it's related.

  • ojbravo Level 1 (0 points)

    Have people solved these issues or is everyone still dealing with the flickering / freezing screens?


    Here is another thread with the same problems that are listed here...  This thread started last November.


    If you have found a solution please post it!




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    Hi all,


    Just installed the 10.6.8 update. During the installation of the update the screen started flickering. Then after 20 seconds the screen came back ! This has NEVER happend before, when the flicker starts the system will freeze up. Could it be that the update has a fix. I will post back later when I have stress tested the system for a while.


    I really hope this update has a hidden fix for the flicker/freeze issue !

  • kjellfromsandefjord Level 1 (0 points)



    Today I decided to take this issue to the extreme. I removed the logic board and did what is called "baking the macbook pro". In other words I put it into the oven at 175 celsius for 8,5 minutes. (Just google it and you will find videos and articles). Then I reassembled the computer and guess what, IT WORKED !! the flicker/freeze is totally gone.



    The soldering of the GPU is bad, so this means that there is nothing wrong with the chip itself. The issue is the assembly of the logic board and I am guessing here but I think also the fact that the GPU gets very very very warm when doing heavy graphical tasks. PS! I do NOT encurage people to do this as the possebility of totaly bricking the hardware is VERY high. However I think Apple needs to admit that this is a hadware issue and replace these logicboards at no cost no matter the age of the computer wether it is under warranty or not.

    There is NO WAY the customer is to blame for this !!


    Apple: Please do not delete my post !

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    @ all


    Had a similar problem on my MacBook Pro (A1226 late 2007). The screen started to flicker and then the system froze up after 10.6.5 update.  Also, the system got really hot, although both fans were working. It got worse and worse and eventually the MacBook wouldn't start neither from the HD nor the DVD...


    Luckily I always have two accounts on all my Macs, an admin which I don't normally use and a Standard user account. I managed to boot admin in safe mode, deleted my user account and was then able to start up from system DVD. It still took 5 or 6 tries to make a clean install, because the system would freeze up. I decided to downgrade to 10.5, installed all updates to 10.5.8. and - voila - the system is up and running and doesn't heat up at all. I have it running for 6 hrs now and the CPU is stillaround 100º.

    One peculiar detail. Before the new install the system told me the battery was practically dead, now I have 45% health, which gives me almost 2 hrs. Maybe there's a clue? Also I switched off keyboard illumination, as the keyboard was flickering randomly as well. For now it seems to be alright. Good luck to everybody!


    btw: Apple Store tech told me the logic board would have to be changed.... and suggested buying a new MacBook instead. Thanks for the advice, Apple!

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    I have a 2007 MBP and it started the flicker with 10.6.7 upgrade and 10.6.8 did not stop it.  What did is removing flash player and silverlight from my Mac applications folder and never using them again.  It has not happened since and would reliably flicker and freeze after I used either of these.  Ironically to recover from a flicker freeze I could not just do a hard restart, it would stall on reboot every time as many as six times in a row!.  Instiead, it would require that I use bootcamp, log onto the Windows side of the partition in which it would fail once requiring a hard restart and check routine and ask if I wanted to start windows normally.  It would then boot up windows and I could close out and restart to Mac.  This is reproducable every time!  The machine will run flash and silverlight from windows fine, however, if I immediatly restart to Mac from windows after using one of these two (flash or silverlight) my Mac will flicker freeze!  Then I must again restart to windows from bootcamp, freeze once, repair, hard restart to windows after the check routine and everything is fine.  However if I reboot to windows to windows after using flash or silverlight in windows and then go to Mac everything is fine.  Very strange indeed!

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    I've had exactly this problem. I've uninstalled Flash player and it seems to be coping OK - I first noticed the problem while playing Flash based games but it got worse to the point that I couldn't start up unless I was in safe mode.


    I've also freed up a lot of hard disk space which can only have helped matters.


    I'm off to see a genius today to see what they say. I suspect it may be something to do with the known graphics card problem -

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    After having this exact issue for a number of weeks, uninstalling programs, and doing a clean install, I finally ran the Apple Hardware Test (insert original disk and boot up while holding down the "d" button).  I ran the short test (which took about 3 minutes) and it immediately came back with the following:


    Alert!  Apple Hardware Test has detected an error.


    4VDC / 1 / 40000003: VideoController


    I took this to the Genius Bar and they ran their own graphics test.  It passed the first test and then failed the second test.  The Genius said he had seen the issue before and that it was some kind of harward conflict with the OS and that the solution was to replace the logic board.  Though this didn't make sense to me (replacing the logic board for what seemed like a driver / software conflict), it was covered under the Nvidia Recall and was no cost to me. So I had them do it.


    It has been about three weeks and everything has been working fine.  No issues at all.  Playing DVDs, importing photos to iPhoto, internet surfing...  No issues.  Let's hope me posting this doesn't jinx me!

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    ojbravo your advice was spot on!  I did just what you said with the hardware test and got the exact same error code.  I took the computer into an Apple store and the Genius ran his test on it with his NVIDIA test box.  The first time he tested it right after start up it passed.  However, we let the computer run for a few minutes and it failed on a second try. This is consistent with how it failed at home too.  The computer always ran fine for a few minutes each time after I was able to recover it through various restarts; it would always fail within about fifteen minutes with the typical "flicker and freeze" particularly if Flash or Silverlight was used.  Anyway NVIDIA replaced the card at no charge and so far so good. My computer is 3.5 years since date of purchase; this replacement recall is only good for 4 years from date of purchase.  (Yea! it failed under recall warranty!)  As an added bonus my computer runs quieter and faster!  The fan is no longer running like a jet airplane taking off and images load 3-4 times faster.  This was well worth the time and very little effort to fix.  I hope my luck holds and things continue to run well.  Thanks to Apple for a no hassle exchange on my machine parts.  They really did stand behind their product.  The cost of the new board was $900 on the receipt of which zero was billed to me.  (Yea, score one for me!)

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    MacBook Pro purchased between May 2007 and September 2008 that are equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor are known to have display/video problems.


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    FWIW, my lockups and reboots have stopped after uninstalling Parallels 6.


    Macbook Pro 17" 2.33 GHz C2D

    ATI Radeon X1600

    Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    No Flash plugin, ever.

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    Update on this... I took it in to see a genius who told me it was my hard drive dying so they replaced it, only to find it was actually the known NVIDIA problem so replaced the logic board under warranty - plus I insisted they put my old hard drive back in and didn't charge me as I didn't believe it was actually a problem at.


    So I'd suggest anyone with this problem insists an Apple repair person tests the graphics chip.

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    This is probably your solution: NVIDIA failure. Mac is replacing my logic board for free, even though the warranty expired 2 years ago! This is the thread:


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    I also just got the logicboard replaced due to NVIDIA failure on my MacBookPro late 2007. I didn't even need an invoice or anything. They just ran a hardware test on the machine, diagnosed graphics card error and - voila!- replace the thing for free!! Finally.


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    I hate to say this everyone but I think this is a hardware issue with the graphics card and logic board on the 2007s. I have done everything software wise, swapped hard drives, etc. If you are under warranty, go straight to the store. Otherwise, I think your best bet is to backup data and move on.