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I recently purchased a new laptop, a dell inspiron. It replaced an older inspiron laptop. Since setting up itunes on the new laptop, I can hardly use itunes. It is constantly locking up and not responding. I never had this problem before. It has become painful to even use. I don't seem to have issues with any other application. Has anyone experienced this issue or have any ideas?

Dell, Windows 7
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    I'm having the same issue. Everything else runs great on my Windows 7 Pro SP1 machine. iTunes is miserable. Constantly not responding. On the occasion that I can get it to work it will go unresponsive at various points during syncs of my various apple products.

    I have found an interesting circumstance. I'm running a 64bit OS. I download the 64bit iTunes but it installs the 32bit version (in Windows Task Manager one can confirm this by looking at the iTunes process (eg., iTunes.exe*32). Processes followed by *32 are 32 bit. Obviously, 32bit programs run fine on 64bit Windows machines, but it makes one wonder why Apple is forcing the 32bit version while giving the impression to the user that they are installing the 64bit version.

    In Googling for solutions, I have found posts from as far back as 2009 indicating that this is something Apple has no doubt known about for some time.

    If there are settings I can change either on my computer or on iTunes, I'm happy to make adjustments. Please don't tell me I need to get a Mac. That's not helpful and fairly ignorant given the fact that the only program that isn't working is Apple's iTunes.