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    I like your thinking.

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    Thank you, but it is System fonts that are giving us heartburn.

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    the only way to solve the 5 times too small text of a Mac, is to change your display resolution and lower it. I have my iMac screen lowered already and still have to zoom. Lowering screen display resolution too much however will make dialogue popups  go offscreen, so dont lower it too much

    Mail is a real pain to write emails as the text is truly tiny and does not allow default formatting (another completely imbecilic mistake from Apple)

    I find that a 2.6K iMac is not good for browsing or working, but is good to test a fullscreen 2K final cut pro movie as a monitor.


    But as a screen for browsing and text editing, forget it

    I have to command and + the text in Notes about 6 times to be able to read and write and see the text properly

    But when i print it, then it comes out like chiant letters, so i have to select all and command and miinus keys to reduce it again.

    So i can have it big enough to read, and not be able to print

    or, i can print it nicely, but i cant even see the text on the screen to read.

    How on earth a text editing app can print stuff that is too small to read and print it properly, but then take text that is comfortable to read (lets say a 15 pixel effect) and the text comes out like giants.

    What both screen developers and apparrently consumers dont realise, is that a screen that is bigger and higher resolution is not good for working

    its only good as a video and graphics monitor to view images and movie, but not good for typing, writing emails, notes, or browsing the web

    websites are always too small  or to big because they never fit the screens anymore due to immensely high resolutions.

    Hardware developers are all crazy about more pixels more HD, but its all based on thinking that we the user want to watch movies, click on ads, and consume media all the time. They are forgetting about how the screens are making average tasks such as writing and printing a simple text document, is becoming ever more difficult with such tiny tiny text and Interfaces.


    I use a smaller 19 inch external screen with 1900px resolution and that allows me to work with text in an acceptable state.

    If i print a page in notes, the size of text also changes when printed depending on the screen resolution. If i use 2 screens, and print a note from notes app on the 1900 px screen it comes out fine. But when i try to read or write mail or print a note on the 27 inch imac screen, it comes out tiny eeensy weensy cant even read it without a microscope.

    Mac is the best and windows is rubbish, but Mac is not perfect, the toolbar menu top of screen is always the same tiny size.. doesnt matter if you have a big screen, it does not get bigger. so open photoshop ot final cut on a 27 inch screen and wow cant work fullscreen because the tool text titles and tool icons are tiny tiny tiny!

    They dont get bigger as screen gets bigger, and big screens requitrre me to work i reduced window mode as fullscreen is too much mousing left to right from tiny icon to tiny icon, and so then we have an app floating in the middle of 27 inch screen, and the 'file/edit/view/history' etc menus, are still rammed up stuck on the top of the screen, meaning i have to leave the app window and move my mouse cursor three kilometers upwards to use the toolbar. Thats the only thin that i say windows is better, that the toolbar is stuck on the top of the app window, not top of the screen

    or you cold have to select all text in notes or whatever app you are using, such as Mail app (which always has text you need a microscope for) and use the command and + keys forever, add up the time spent expanding text over your life you lose a year of life

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