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CarlosRG Level 1 (0 points)
Hi, I recently bought a Magic Mouse for my MacBook Air. My wifi connection worked fine before (I had the Bluetooth turned off, no bluetooth devices at all), but after I started using the bluetooth for the mouse, the wifi connection is almost unusable. Sometimes is better and I don't have interferences at all, sometimes is worse - but most of the time is very slow. Changing the wifi channel sometimes works, but only as a temporary solution. Turning off the bluetooth restores the connection to the normal speed.
Anyone with the same problem? Any solution for this, besides stop using bluetooth?

MacBook Air (Late 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.6), 13", 128GB storage, 4GB RAM
  • captfred Level 7 (26,280 points)
    Try restarting your router so it can choose the channel with the least interference. If you have 5Ghz capability that would be ideal.

    Here are other things that affect it, maybe something will "ring a bell".

  • goforgeek Level 1 (0 points)
    I had this exact same issue with my new 2010 Macbook air. Wifi was working fine as soon as I enabled Bluetooth and enabled my magic mouse it ground to a halt!!

    I disabled bluetooth, connected to my Wifi router config page and saw it was set to automatic channel selection and had chosen channel 1, changed to manual and tried channel 6 (same problem) then channel 11 and that fixed it!!

    Strange problem though???!!!!

    Does that mean my new Macbook air won't work on certain wifi channels, when using the magic mouse??

    My Old Macbook air had none of these issues?

    Also where are the light up keys, I miss them, why remove features from the air!!!

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    same issue here, apart from i just drop of the network, the wifi module is slow at the best of times my macbook (unibody aluminium 2008) gets 1.2Mb's and this gets around 0.7Mb's, and as i am at a university i can not change any of the wifi settings! meaning the bluetooth has to be turned off all the time, (no mighty mouse can be used) interestingly in bootcamp the network seems to be more stable with bluetooth on.
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    a month of lost wi-fi connections and some dollars of on-site support and today have turned off bluetooth mouse and keyboard so that I can maintain network connection. It's very annoying that I can't use my bluetooth devices with my MacAir - isn't that what they're FOR?? We did everything else to try and fix this – new router, upgraded OS, changed channels, got a booster (which was subsequently removed since it didn't help), changed the fragmentation threshold, removed the cordless phones - nothing worked until the bluetooth is turned off. From what I read in other fora this is a known issue and has been for some time. Does anyone know of a fix coming? Or some decent workaround short of USB mouse/keyboard? (and I so love my magic mouse and BT keyboard:(
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    I'm experiencing issues but nothing quite as severe as total network loss. Everything for me works fine until I try and use iTunes with Airplay. It doesn't take more than a couple seconds for the mouse to become unresponsive and for the audio to drop out (but iTunes still thinks it's playing). I've tried changing channels on my Airport Express but nothing seems to work. The latest 10.2 iTunes upgrade has made things a lot worse. Prior to that, I only suffered these problems occasionally.
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    I have the same problem as well...
    After using the Magic Mouse for a while, the WiFi connection starts to run slower and slower till I need to restart the AirPort to load web pages. Anyway, even after restarting the AirPort, the connection remains slow and unstable. The only solution is to turn the Bluetooth off: when I do so, the WiFi works immediately at his best once again!

    Has anyone already called the Apple Support to ask about this? Do you think it is an hardware problem or a software/driver one?

    My Air has just a month or so and I don't know whether to ask for a repair/replacement...
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    Has anyone reported this as a bug. I've talked with 3 other MBA users who experience exactly the same thing as I do. ie. shut off BT WiFi works/Turn it back on lose any reasonable WiFi speeds.
  • tapinos Level 1 (0 points)
    Has anyone tested Mac OS 10.6.7 to see whether this bug has been fixed or not? I'm going to do it right now but if it's still in place I think I'm going to call Apple Support!
  • ~BobS~ Level 1 (55 points)
    any difference seen in your .7 testing?

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    I called apple today, and since I passed the 90 day 'complimentary' phone support, they said they can't help me unless I get their apple care or the 3 year phone support service. I'm still technically under their 1 year warranty. Any one figured out a fix? My magic mouse and wireless keyboard is just money down the drain if I can't use it.
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    Welcome to the forum, Geekygirl

    This MB Air is my third MacBook (Black 2006 MB and Late 2008 13" Al MB, both still in use). In both those cases AppleCare has more than paid for itself:
    o Replaced worn keyboard in both at about the 30 month point
    o Replaced Superdrive in 2006 MB in the second year
    o Replaced system board in the 2006 MB
    o Replaced a swollen battery in the late 2008 MB at 30 months (battery had plenty of capacity left -- 5 hrs in run down test -- but the bottom cover would not fit flush).

    Since the MB Airs are really designed for Apple-only service (e.g., I put a larger HDD in my 2008 MB in about 20 minutes), AppleCare seems a very wise investment.

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    Well the point I was making was not that I didn't want to purchase AppleCare, the point was the tech support made it clear that they wouldn't even try to help me unless I had AppleCare. I purchased a new iMac in October, and I still have a good half a year before my 1 year hardware coverage was up. I'm just really shocked at their attitude.

    I mean I've called Apple a few times before and I've also been to apple store to see the awesome genius a few times with my first macbook (est 2006?) which was way past warranty and the 3 year applecare, but they were still super nice about helping me out. I just didn't want to lug the iMac to the store if I don't have to..
  • ~BobS~ Level 1 (55 points)
    The long and short of it is this. BT will conflict with 802.11g WiFi. Update your WAP to 802.11n and it will work. Alternative is to use the USB Ethernet adapter when on the desktop and using BT input devs like keyboard & mouse...this is what I've done.
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    I had the same problems the last days with my

    15'' MBP 2,2 with an intel 510 ssd (I thought that could be important)

    I also use the macig mouse and sync my cellphone throuhh BT.


    I still don't know if I solved the problem, but for now it works.

    I put my router on g wifi (not mixed) and the channel to 5 (away from 12, as I read it messes up with BT)


    I also had the problem with the mouse the last days for 2-3 times.


    If it appears again, I'll have to call apple support...but from home no way...don't wanna pay 20Euros just to talk with some idiots knowing probably less than me about offence, but that is the usual telsupport impression I have.


    Let you know



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