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iTunes is not syncing all songs on my playlists with my devices. No changes have been made recently. The PC is a 5 year old Dell, with Itunes on it the whole time. It has the latest itunes version. My devices are a 160 gig Classic, and 2 iPhone 4's. All devices have the latest ios. I synced yesterday like i have hundreds of times before, and each playlist is missing 1 or two songs. Yes, they are all checked in itunes. I've tried both "sync all songs in library", and "sync select playlists". Same Result. Any guesses?

Dell Desktop, iOS 4
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    Do the missing songs play OK if you access them directly by double-clicking within the playlist in iTunes?
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    I have this same issue. I have a playlist in itunes that has 57 songs in it. When I sync to my iphone 3, the playlist on teh phone has just 29 songs. The PC OS is win7. There is free space on the iphone. The lissing songs play just fine on the pc through itunes.
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    I should add. I just tried creating a new test playlist with just 2 songs - one that was syncing and one that wasn't syncing. Only 1 song sync'd. So this does seem specific to the song rather than a playlist. This is driving me just nuts. This should just work shouldn't it?
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    Has there been any developments to this? O'm having the same issue

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    Hi guys I am having the same issue. I have several playlists with 100 songs in and they all seem to missing the odd song or two. Interestingly this happened overnight on my iPhone 4S without me syncing or anyting at all.Some of these songs appear in other playlists where they DO still appear on the phone, but in other playlists they don't.

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    I had same issue had a playlist would only put some of the 114 songs, i did a clean restore of my phone in itunes, and the key part is setting up the phone as new not from backup and then it worked fine, it synced all the songs from my playlist to my iphone 4s no problem.

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    I am having this same issue...I have a playlist that is an entire cd.

    When I originally synced just the playlist, only about 5 of the songs were actually copied to my iPhone 4.

    So I tried syncing the entire Album as well as the playlist, this copied over 4 more of the songs, but I am still missing 3.


    Very disappointed, I'm a huge apple fan, but this is pathetic.  This happened after switching to the new version of iTunes and iOS 5....


    I shouldn't have to restore my phone and set everything up again to get these 3 songs to copy.

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    I am having this issue also.  Not a problem when I had the iPhone 4, but now that I have the 4s, I have missing songs from playlists.  The songs are there on my phone - I can play them, but they won't show up on my playlist.  I can manually add them to the playlist, but they won't "stick".  I can play the songs fine on my PC in iTunes fine also.  Seems like it only applies to songs that were actually purchased from iTunes (iCloud available).


    I tried removing all music from the phone (de-syncing with iTunes) and then doing a fresh sync - no dice.


    I don't want to go through a full new set up of my phone (again) - just for this issue, with no guarantee of success.  How do we escalate this to Apple?  Do they review these posts?

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    I had the same problem, read a bit about it and tried this:

    1. Copy "the problematic" album folder somewhere else (mine was Dash Berlin bougth in iTunes Store).

    2. Remove "the problematic" library files from iTunes - links and the proper folder. Everything.

    3. Restart your computer (try normal 32-bit restart or 64-bit restart by holding two keys: 4$ and 6^ keys. Press them n hold from the very beginning of rebooting the system till log-on screen appears).

    4. Add library ("the problematic" album folder) to iTunes again - from "somewhere else" you'd copied it.

    5. Sync (or drag n drop to DEVICES) "the problematic" MUSIC ALBUM folder with your mobile device (iPod / iPhone).



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    I forgot to say it loud: my problem was with my iTunes <---> iPhone on my MAC, but try my solution anyway on any Windows System based comps.

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    Same problem, but I'm only getting 560 of 896 songs to sync on my primary playlist.  What is up with this?  I've noticed that when I uncheck a playlist to sync, the amount of storage increases, and then when I uncheck it, the storage decreases again.  Weird.  No matter what I do, I can't get about half of my music onto the device and I have plenty of room.


    I have my iTunes on a MacBook with OS X 10.6.8, iPhone 4S with latest iOS (5.0), and latest iTunes (10.5).  I also had this happen on my daughter's iPhone 4, also with iOS 5.0.  I am NOT resetting my device and losing my data in a fresh restore just to fix this problem.  This is broken.  Help!

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    OK, I've noticed after rebooting the device that the problem songs have ! next to them on the device (not in the original playlist, where they play fine) and they all appear to be songs I purchased from Apple.  Perhaps this is a glitch with their music service on iCloud?  I have not subscribed to that service, nor do I intend to (I don't want to stream my music; I want the music on the device).


    I am using iCloud for backup and I was syncing via wi-fi.  I've since tried syncing with the cable and it makes no difference; no music for me.  I did have the songs on the device the other day and they disappeared, so I'm assuming it "synced" overnight and wiped the songs off of my device.  Neat.

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    I am having the same problem, the songs are in my play list but wont play. I restarted my phone, no change. I removed the playlist and then added it back and now the songs wont tranfer to my iphone. It is only certain artists across multiple albums and playlists. I even tried just adding the artist to the phone and no luck. I have purchased all the songs either on CD or through the iTunes store. I am using current verions of Lion and iTunes on my iMac and iOS5 on my iphone 4s and syncing via wire.


    The songs are on my iMac and they play just fine they will not sync over to my phone. This is very frustrating, one song was set as my alarm and so my alarm did not go off..... arrggghhh!

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    I just had this issue as well -

    Seems that i had to go an manually edit the information in each song using the "right-click" Properties->Details tab in Windows Explorer.  Pain the butt but once I set all the information in correctly the songs loaded and sync'd correctly with my iPhone 4 using iTunes 10.5 on Win764

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