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I've just replaced my PC laptop with a Macbook and I'd like to know how to transfer my iphone content to the Macbook. I've read various help pages and posts and I'm totally confused about the conflicting information.

I understand that the iphone is designed to be used with only one computer, but getting it to the new computer is the challenge. I have thousands of songs, hundreds of photos, 150+ contacts and 13 apps (some of which I rely on heavily). As well as notes which I was never able to synchronise previously, so they only exist on the iphone.

Most of the songs were loaded from my CD collection and it took weeks to rate and categorise them, which I would prefer to avoid doing again. I suppose I could export as data CDs but it's still a lot of disks and time. Most of the photos were taken by camera (not iphone) which again I could transfer via data CD.

If I've understood things correctly, the authorise/deauthorise option in iTunes refers to items purchased via itunes only? And the iphone backup only backs up settings, rather than content? Would an external hard drive help (I don't yet have one)?? I'd appreciate your thoughts for a simple-ish, not to time consuming solution.

Thanks in advance,

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    By design, the iphone will sync itunes content with one computer at a time. Any attempt to sync such content with a second computer will result in ALL itunes content being first erased from your phone & then replaced with the content from the second computer. This is a design feature and cannot be overridden. Because you replaced your computer, your phone, sees your computer as a "new" computer. The itunes content sync is one way: computer to phone. If you have photos that were synced to your phone or music ripped on your own that were not backed up, you will first have to extract them from your phone using third party software, before you do anything else:


    Once you've done that, do the following in the order specified:

    1. Disable auto sync when an iPod/iPhone is connected under Preferences>Devices in itunes(under the edit menu if using Windows).
    2. Make sure you have one contact & one event in the supported applications(Address Book & iCal) on your computer. These entries can be fake, doesn't matter, the important point is that these programs not be empty.
    3. Connect your phone, iTunes running, do not sync at this point.
    4. Store>Authorize this computer.
    5. File>Transfer Purchases(To make sure all purchased content on your phone will be in your itunes library).
    6. Right click in the device pane & select reset warnings.
    7. Right click again and select backup.
    8. Right click again & select restore from backup, select the backup you just made. When prompted to create another backup, decline.
    9. This MUST be followed by a sync to restore your itunes content, which you select from the various tabs, You'll get a popup regarding your contacts & calendars asking to merge or replace, select merge.

    You should be good to go.
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    If you want to transfer iphone content to new Macbook. This step by step guide How to transfer or backup iPhone contents to Mac may help you.Hope it can do you a favor.
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    Unfortunately, I have previously performed your points 1,3,4,5 & 7. Does that mean the procedure won't work for me now?
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    Does that mean the procedure won't work for me now?

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    Let's try the easy approach first. Connect the old and new computers to the same network, share the Documents folder on the Mac, and connect to it from the old computer (you will need to go to System Preferences on the Apple menu, Sharing preferences, Options and check the box for SMB sharing). Then copy the iTunes library and anything else you want on the Mac across the network. I just did this a couple of days ago, and it worked swimmingly.

    An alternative is to buy a USB hard drive (1 terabyte drives are under $100 now), copy all of your Documents folder from the old computer onto it, then copy all of the content to Documents on the new computer. After everything is copied reformat the USB drive, connect it to your Macbook, and OS X will automatically use it as a Time Machine backup drive.

    Before doing any copying be sure you exit iTunes. After copying launch iTunes, Authorize it 9if you haven't already) and make sure you can see your music in iTunes and make some random checks to make sure it plays, then sync your phone.

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    Log-in in to your iTunes account on your new Mac and then sync as normal. You'll be asked if you want to copy stuff from your iPhone to Mac (which you probably want to do) and then you should be able to continue as normal. Remember to authorize your new Mac with your iTunes account as well.