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When I chatted with Tech Support because my website that I have been running for 3+ years wouldn't publish they had me download iweb update 3.0.2

When I downloaded it and tryed to install it I get the following error in the Destination Select portion of the install process: You cannot install iWeb Update on this volume. A qualifying copy of iWeb was not found in /Applications.


Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. What is the version of the current iWeb application that you are using? If you truly have iWeb 08 then you would have iWeb 2. To get the 3.0.2 updater to run you will need to have iWeb 3 (09) installed. That would be part of iLife 09 or iLife 11. But you may not need to upgrade your iLife applications.

    Since you can't publish try the following:

    1 - go to the System/MobileMe preference pane and log out of MMe.
    2 - login with a bogus username and password like "test" and "test". This clears the caches.
    3 - login with your correct username and password.
    4 - launch iWeb and try again.


    1 - close iWeb.
    2 - delete the iWeb preference file, com.apple.iWeb.plist, that resides in your User/Library/Preferences folder.
    3 - go to your User/Library/Caches/com.apple.iWeb folder and delete the contents.
    4 - reboot.
    5 - launch iWeb and see if there's any improvement.

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    This means that you are not using a copy of iWeb 09 to start with - a 'qualifying copy' means that you need to be using the latest version of the software, which you are not. To update to 3.0.2, you actually need to have iWeb 09, which comes as part of a package with iLife 09. You need to upgrade to iWeb 09, but you would now have to purchase iLife 11, of which iWeb is a part to be able to do this now.

    Your other alternative is to look on Amazon and see if they still have cheaper copies of iLife 09 and purchase this to upgrade to iWeb 09 - if you have iWeb 09, you can then update to 3.0.2.

    Tech support should know better than to tell you to upgrade to 3.0.2 if you only have iWeb 08, which is version 2. Did they not bother to ask you which version of iWeb you were running?