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So on my iTouch 3G, when I sort by "album" on the ipod, each album is broken up into album by artist, so an album by more than one artist is split up so I can NEVER listen to the whole album at once.

This. Is. Annoying.

When I sync my ipod, the "album" column is not sorted by album artist, but rather just by album.

WHAT IS GOING ON???? Please help me because I'm getting exceptionally annoyed at this device that I otherwise love. Please make me completely love my itouch again.

Itouch 3G
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    I think you are confusing things here - but there is a problem with the ipod/iphone way of sorting songs and I really hope it would be fixed soon!

    When you use iTunes you most probably sort by "Album Artist" which is the main artist of the album. On iPod/iPhone you can only sort by "Album" or "Artist" - so if you choose the first one you will get the entire album, but only one album at a time (so if there is more than one album by this artist you will have too listen to it later), and if you sort by artist you will only get all songs marked as performed by this artist - the problem is that if some songs are marked by "artist's name featuring X" than those songs won't be available. The only way around it is to either change the songs' details (which is a very bad way - I don't think we should mess up our itunes collection data just because of this lack of feature), or to create a playlist for each artist you wish to here all of his/her albums as one playlist (this is also bad, because the whole point is that you don't want to create every possible playlist).

    Apple - PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Add a way to sort by "Album Artist" in the iPod/iPhone players!