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Okay So I got Apple TV for Christmas. But Ive been experiencing very frustrating and upsetting problems. The following problems are very CRITICAL.

One of the featured abilities of Apple TV was Netflix Streaming. At first I loved using it, but then I started noticing problems. Half the time I played a netflix video... the video would pause and buffer every few seconds. Time after Time I have to deal with this. And its not my internet connection, because my PS3 can stream Netflix no problem. This is the MOST FRUSTRATING THING ABOUT APPLE TV. A Deal Breaker. I use my PS3 now for Netflix, because I refuse to watch a movie or tv show and have to deal with pausing every few seconds. It ruins watching the show. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS ASAP!

2. Error Cannot Connect To Netflix
Why is it one of the flagship features of Netflix has such a terminal error. Every week or so I have to disconnect (only found out this solution by googling this problem on the net otherwise I would of never found out how to fix Netflix on Apple TV) Apple TV, wait 10 - 15 seconds, reconnect, wait for it to load, and hope I dont get that ' Cannot Connect to Netflix Error". People say it may be netflix but its not. Apple TV cant access Netflix but yet my PS3, iPad, and iPhone can. Apple Please fix this.

THESE 2 PROBLEMS NEED TO BE FIXED ASAP. THEY HAVE BEEN GOING ON FOR MONTH WITH NOT A PATCH TO FIX IT. I didnt get Google TV, Boxee, etc. because I wanted Apple TV. Please dont make me regret my choice.

And the following are secondary concerns:

1. Please allow us to access our Youtube Subscriptions and Favorites faster on Apple TV.
Everytime I select Youtube to watch my subscriptions and favorites ... I have to go through menus to do so. Can they not pop up as soon as Select Youtube. My accounts already on there just let it pop up on the first menu.

2. Apps. Please include apps for Apple TV.
Apps where we can access Hulu, do skype chats, allow for keyboard integration. Allow us to do more with it.

Apple please fix these errors otherwise I have to stop recommending Apple TV and become a Detractor of the product and its support.
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    It would be accessing different servers for PS3 and ATV, I think Netflix is having problems in certain areas..they are in the process of upgrading servers etc

    If you have feedback go to the link below

    I don't know about apps but airplay will be expanding very soon so as long as app developers implement the feature..
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    Why would the PS3 and ATV be on different Netflix servers? I would doubt that Netflix would have different servers for every platform (Roku, Wii, xBox, etc.)?

    If it was a problem with the servers then why when you unplug the device for 20 seconds, then plug it back in Netflix works fine? I think there is a bug in the Apple TV that needs to be fixed.
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    Netflix has a large number of content delivery servers sending the actual video, as well as (according to Netflix) "thousands" of Amazon Web Services servers managing user interactions. In some cases, Netflix provides different kinds of streams to different devices. For example, PS3 clients can handle HD and Dolby 5.1 streams, while others can't (yet). Wii clients cannot handle HD at all. Handheld devices probably get streams optimized for small screens. So it is very likely that two different devices sitting next to each other, accessing the same show, are connecting through different servers, possibly in different locations, and possibly managed by different firms under contract with Netflix.

    It is possible that if you unplug the device for a while, then plug it back in, you clear whatever information the device has cached on which server to talk to. Presumably, there is some sort of algorithm to spread server contacts around to reduce the likelihood that too many clients will all be hitting the same server at once.
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    To Apple and Netflix,

    I have recently purchased 2 Apple TV devices and a Roku XDS and subscribed to Netflix.
    The problem I'm having, along with many others in the various forums, is that Netflix is accessed and "Suggestions" and "Previously Viewed" items show up but when I attempt to play a selected item I get a message on screen showing "error 112" and no streaming occurs.

    The ATV refers customers to Netflix and Netflix refers customers back to Apple. Which of course isn't a fruitful solution.
    Having no email contact for Netflix isn't helpful either. After contacting them on the phone they would not generate a ticket number and would not log my complaint as the system can't record referrals to Apple. They also do not have employee identifiers so you only get a first name of the service representative, I can only assume Netflix wants no record of customer complaints and wants to wear you down by waiting on the phone. Apple support is almost as daunting. You better have your serial number handy or you are going nowhere. So if you are at work and trying to contact support… Good luck.

    My equipment:
    Zoom DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem
    Airport Extreme 802.11n
    Charter HSI Plus 2Mbps Up / 20Mbps Down
    2 ea. Apple TV 2nd gen
    1 ea. Roku XDS

    As a veteran film and TV post production engineer in Burbank, CA, I am a methodical trouble shooter and well versed in negotiating software and hardware from diverse products. I quickly determine my internet connection is solid and bandwidth is adequate (typically between 20 to 30Mbps and in the later hours up to 75Mbps). I check that other streaming channels on that device are functioning properly such as "Radio" and "YouTube". I can stream Netflix from the Roku. I can even stream Netflix from my second Apple TV device. But the other Apple TV continues to exhibit the same symptom "error 112". I can usually get around the problem with a couple of hard reboots of the Apple TV, but not always. The problem is not confined to one ATV, either device may exhibit "error112".

    I will also be posting this open letter on Amazon and Facebook and hope to post your response and solution as well.
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    Yes, ATV2 is a horrible YouTube and Netflix streaming device at this point. The weird thing is that it worked great when I first got it, but after the first update, it became totally undependable.
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    Agreed, ever csince the update my atv is useless as far as netflix goes.  To many interruptions