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downloaded viber app on 3g but was slow and said "waiting' this was days ago...then downloaded on wifi and the app is now in my itunes...when I sync my iphone 4 however it does not change the "waiting"app on the phone...I cannot remove it from my iphone even if I sync without the app selected in itunes and it will not delete from the iphone4. all other apps can be deleted but not the viber app that is still "waiting" on my phone...most frustrating as this app is excellent

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    This is a representative of Viber Media

    This is a strange problem we haven't encountered yet.
    Please try this link, and see if it helps you:


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    reboot your phone by holding the home button and sleep/wake switch for about 15 seconds ignoring the power off slider this should clear it up
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    Hi everyone,
    We would like to deliver a message from our company to all our users:

    Recently there have been some complaints about Viber calls that don't get through, or over-consumption of battery. We have realized that many users choose to completely shut Viber off when they don't call (relying on Push Notifications for receiving calls).

    But this solution actually causes the reverse effect - it disrupts incoming calls, and it wastes battery life, trying to activate the Push Notification mechanism each time a call is received.

    For those of you with iPhone 3Gs and up (with "Multitasking") - we advise all our users to keep their Viber running in the background, thus saving battery life and hopefully fixing the "Missed Call" bug.

    Thanks, and as usual if you have more questions please let me know,
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    Please help with this issue. I have an iphone 4 running 4.3.5 and all of a sudden the viber app stopped working. I have reinstalled it several times to no avail.


    What happens is I go through the install process (IE: get the sms code with no problem) but as soon as I enter the code it flashes back to the home screen and after that each time I press the app it does the same thing. The app comes up for a second and goes back to the home screen.


    Any help is appreciated!


    I really love this app and hate not being able to use it:(