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All of a sudden yesterday I am unable to delete my text messages. I tried resetting my iphone 4, but it didn't do anything. I go to edit messages and click on the dash to the left and I can see the delete button pop up real quick but not long enough for me to delete the messages.

Iphone 4, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    Mine started doing the same today. very frustrating.
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    found what works for mine on another forum. Turned my wi-fi and 3g on and was able to delete the messages.
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    I've got the same problem and I rebooted and completely restored my phone and still nothing helped. I turned off and on the wifi and 3G and that let me delete 1 text message and then it started doing it again so I toggled the switches off and and on between deleting messages and then that stopped working...now I can't delete text messages no matter what...I mean I can clear them out but I can't get the number/name to go away.
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    Had the same problem and my battery was dying really fast. Turns out one of my passwords for an exchange account was incorrect and every time it would ask me for my password I would just cancel it cuz I figured I would enter it later. Anyway it kept trying to log me into my account and all my contacts were synced to that exchange account so behind the scenes in the background it would keep trying to log me in. Not sure how that plays into being able to delete text messages but as soon as I entered it I was able to delete contacts, my "import contacts from sim card" stopped blinking, my battery life went back to normal, and it doesn't run nearly as hot.

    So just make sure all of your account information is entered correctly.

    And a temporary solution is to turn of 3G and wifi and turn it back on and then you'll be able to delete texts.
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    I had the same problem with my new iPhone 4.  The phone was running really hot and a full battery was gone in 4 hours with zero usage.  I could not delete messages for the same reason as above, the delete pop up would disappear in the blink of an eye. 


    Solution: 1.  Go into settings,  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.  3. Make sure Fetch New Data is turned OFF.  4.  Reboot if needed.


    I am using google apps and set up the exchange.  Google recently did an update and I think that causes my trouble.  Hope this helps!

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    Okay so the same thing has been happening to me and I just though that my phone had water damage in it because it had been raining earlier that day. But it turns out that it was the Exchange password not right and if you don't enter it then it will use all of your battery. My battery was running out and it wouldn't let me delete my texts but once I entered my exchange password everything was working back to normal.


    Hope this helps!

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    Same here with my iphone 4. It seem's that if the iphone fails syncing with the servers (google and others in my case) it just becomes a very hot device with bugs (like undeletable sms)  till you fix the syncing. Is there a way to say "stop syncing" (turning OFF the FETCH new data is not working) ? I have only wifi connection and generally the pb occurs when I  quickly access to the network and then quit and disable the connection or when I change something that has to be synced (contacts or calendar) while I have no connection. As nothing notify when the sync has to be done and that this sync continue till the next connection, it can be very frustrating (Travelling with a pending sync and no conncetion has been ù$^"é'! )


    Best regards


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    Looks like we have a winner. Thanks Andrew!


    And I was just about to send off for a replacement battery, too...

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    Im experiencing same thing in my ip5. anyone who got the solution on this? very frustrating!