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Has anyone noticed the built-in SD Card reader being picky on the brands of cards that it reads? I have been having difficulty getting the built-in SD card reader to recognize the SD cards from my digital camera. They work fine in an external card reader.

The brand for the card is Patriot Memory, and I have tried two cards by that vendor, same size (2 GB). When I try another card from another brand, it works perfectly. I have reset the SHC (I think that's what it's called). It didn't fix the problem with the Patriot Cards. But like I said, the other brand works perfectly. Anyone know anything about this?


MacBook Pro (Intel), Mac OS X (10.6.6), 4 GB RAM
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    I never heard of Patriot Cards. You can always try a Sans Disk card reader, or one built-in to many printers and see if it makes a difference.
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    It is definitely the brand of the card. There must be some sort of incompatibility with that card brand and the card reader. I got a new SanDisk card, and the card reader reads the card perfectly. The Patriot Card works in all my other cameras, and in all other card readers. Not a major issue, but something to note for other users.

    Patriot is a somewhat major brand of memory and is available and some major big box retailers. Anyone know of other brand issues with particular card readers or with MacBooks?

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    I've only ever been able to try Sans Disk and Kodak. Sometimes mine may not read unless I am very careful how I put it in. If you don't feel it click, it may be a sign the mechanism isn't engaging. Most pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens carry Sans Disk cards.
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    i have the same problem, i have many sd cards class 10 for my video pro camera, my imac read them but my macbook pro dosent, they exchange my macbook pro for a new one, that did not solve the problem, i dont know why i need to pay for an extra pice of hardware so i can still use my laptop, sorry apple u was better u can be better fix that problem please.

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    I have a 32 gb card, no hope of any movement....

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    cmarolt, do you have a question?

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    cmarolt, and avnerius,

    Please start a new discussion, as each of you may have different issues causing problems with your port.  Having multiple people with the same problem on the same thread can only help if you have already found a solution and you want the original poster to try it.  Otherwise we may offer solutions that do not pertain to your problem in trying to help the original poster, or they may get a solution for your problem that doesn't help them.  Please help us isolate each problem distinctly by only offering solutions when posting in a thread started by someone else.

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    A Patriot LX 32GB cl.10 card is definitely not working well with my 2011 MBP, either internal reader or external (Transcend) USB reader.  Everything is fine unless you remove the card without Ejecting it.  If you do that, it will no longer be recognized, and if you try to format it you get an error "can't read last block of device" or something. SD Formatter 4.0 craps out as well.

    Fix? SD Formatter 4.0 on a Windows 7 machine, possibly after a regular OS formatting.

    Then be very, very, careful you never remove the card without ejecting, either in a reader or the slot.

    Even now, the card is exhibiting intermittent slow write speeds.  I'm trying a "Overwrite Format" with SD Formatter to see if that cures the problem.


    No other cards or USB drives have ever given me problems if I pull them before ejecting (after being sure that nothing is trying to read/write to the card, of course).  I know it _could_ cause a problem, but I have never seen it actually mess anything up, from late Mac OS 8.x up through the current 10.8.3.


    Very strange that the external reader doesn't act any different. 


    The card isn't the cause, as pulling the card from the Windows laptop without ejecting doesn't cause any issues.  Must be some bizarre contretemps between the Patriot LX card and Mac OS.