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I have recently been finding folders of music on my computer that SHOULD be full albums, however they are now missing all the audio files but a few artwork files remain behind in the folder - i.e the music is gone! Currently I am not copying files to the iTunes media folder and adding them to the library though another location on the computer. I have a lot a variables to consider as Ive just bought a MacBook and transferred lots of music back forth etc etc but now Im finding lots of folders on my hard drive and external drives that used to have music in them - but all that remains now is the folder and a few album artwork files. There seems to be no pattern to it either. The audio content has just disappeared!

Therefore I just want to know if an iTunes issue may have caused this or if any association or method of interaction with iTunes would lead to this problem? Any observations or help would be appreciated.

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.0.x)